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Whitby is a small town on the North East coast of England. Famous for being the favourite holiday destination of Dracula, and often voted as 'place most likely to see a marmoset' in a variety of holiday guides. It is still legal in Whitby to marry your sister.

At first, Whitby was a favourite holiday spot for the Vikings. Beloved for it's perennial sun, sun-kissed beaches, and ravishing chav totty, it remained a holiday spot for just under two thousand years. Due to a sudden downturn in the tourism industry, Whitby has since (many people say unsuccessfully) become a fishing port. Some difficulty has been met with EU laws, one of which prohibits all British fishermen from owning boats.


The native people of Whitby worship David Hasselhoff as some kind of God. Also, they are as sensitive as the Macedonians when it comes to people shouting "YAHTZEE!" at them, beware.


It's full of bloody goths too. But the beer is all right.


Whitby is also a small provincial community in New Zealand, it is considered to be one of the biggest holes in the world, in fact it is deeper than the Mariana trench (thats bigger than Upper Hutt even)