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This Is a Vandals Guide a guide to vandilising wikis

Chapter 1 chosing your level[edit]

The are numerase levels of vandalisum Basic,Intermediate,Hard and Super hard the level of vandalisum that you use can be the diference between being as bad as willy on wheels or just a rubish nOOb

Chapter 3 How to create Basic vandlisum[edit]

Here are three idias for your basic vandal

  • Blank pages
  • Copy and paste pages to other pages
  • Create guides on how to vandalise wikis

So now you Know how to vandalise this brings me to a Question what happens when you get bloked

Chapter 4 How to get round blocks[edit]

So you've vandilised yes and youv'e proberly got bloked so hears how to get round being blocked first of all create sockpuppets and wait and build them up as legitermate users the attack