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Why French people are idiots[edit]

I have no idea. I tried to reason with them, even made use of the handy phrasebook below, and they rudely hurled me into the vast expanse of nothing between France and Britain, creating the English Channel.

What brought that on? I have no clue? Je suis tout innocent.

Nonetheless, the British are extremely thankful for this event, and have a national holiday on the date Porktember 5th to celebrate this.

Useful French Phrases[edit]

Cessez s'il vous plait de parler fort dans cette langue irritante. Please stop talking loudly in that annoying language
Avez-vous renversé mon litre? Did you spill my litre?
Votre pays est comme une toilette. Il n'a pas besoin d'un président, il a besoin de quelqu'un pour vider toute la merde. Your country is like a toilet. It doesn't need a president, it just needs someone to flush the shit away.
Etes-vous inné, peut être? Are you inbred by any chance?
Je pense que j'ai marché sur quelque chose de désagréable. Oui, c'est votre pays. I think I might have stepped on something unpleasant. Yes, it's your country.
Voulez-vous un combat, grand pif? Do you want a fight, big nose?

More useful phrases[edit]

Um, that's all the French I remember. Sorry, but everything went blank right after they punched me in the face. No idea why.

I even tried to talk to dem in dere language... mon Dieu what more could they want? Bloody ingrates.

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