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Hmm, look pretty high actually, maybe I will do the garden instead.

Mount Everest, aloof, forbidding. To climb this behemoth is a triumph of the human spirit, or something nice like that. Located strategically in the middle of the Himalayas, a range of other very high mountains, it has long taunted humankind with its unreachable heights and tasty snow.

Why to[edit]

  • Because I felt like it!
  • I don't wanna go to school today, just because it's there.
  • Excellent location for flying paper airplanes.
  • Brisk north winds are a great way to cool down in July.

Why not to[edit]

  • My wife wants me to clean out the garage.
  • Just too high for my likelihood.
  • No handicapped-accessible ramp.
  • It might get dark before I can get down.


When climbing Mt. Everest, nothing cools you off better than a ice-cold Coca-Cola®. So grab a six pack of Coke® and seek out a route to excitement. Whether you're taking the Southeast Ridge or crossing the Khumbu Icefall, it's the one drink that refreshes. Coca-Cola®. Because adventure is better.™


Bring your mittens. You probably won't need anything else, and you could go buck naked for all we care, but just to be safe, bring a scarf or something. Oh, and don't call your sherpa "sherpy." You might think it's a cute nickname, but it sends them into a raging bloodlust and they'll tear you limb from limb and return to the base camp with some lame story about "he fell and I couldn't save him." They totally get away with it. "Sherp" is OK, though. They like "sherp." They also like: "Sherpizzle", "Sherp Dog", "Sherp-Man", or any combination of previously listed.

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