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Happyland Life[edit]

Happyland Philosophy[edit]

Come rain or shine, through work & play
they smile & dance, happy all day.

This is (still) one of their favourite songs:

Dust be diamonds, water be wine
happy happy happy all the time time time'.

The Philosophy of Happy Land has a little known, but very long and deep rooted tradition, always carefully hidden from the Unhappy Christian and other Churchfathers or allied tyrant usurpators (See: 'the History of Happy Land) Also, they play a small but important role in the world economy. They have no standing army, but they like playing with toys.

In an unspoken agreement, they understand that happiness is not the same for everybody and sometimes happiness involves fighting for happiness. The reason for this is, they say, that people sometimes mistake unhappiness for happiness and vice versa, which of course could endanger the happiness of others who have a different opinion about happiness/unhappiness.. but they understand that every child is a new creature, that has to expand and explore its possibilities and that, if it is inhibited too much, even by happiness, it will rebel and thereby cause unrest in communities. They also know that change and freedom of movement is essential to happiness, unless it is seen differently by another individual, in which case interaction takes place. The process brings change, and the first goal of the 'chosen' or 'fallen up' rulers of Happy Land is of course to sit back and let it all happen.

Not many of the Happylanders will let their happiness be disturbed by the opinions of people living in countries that cannot claim to be part of The Confederation of Happy Lands, although it makes them happy to think that the fewer unhappiness there is, the happier everyone will be. That's why the intelligence services of the country have open doors ((except in the winter when it's cold, you have to then push the handle and please wipe your shoes before you enter, for you might never come out again.).

It is therefore a mistake to regard the inhabitants of Happy Land as a soft, naive and childlike people who are to be looked down upon as simpletons by the Unhappylanders. No. They are alive and alert. Every one has her or his own road to walk, his/her own work to do or not do, as he or she pleases. The people are alert, and they sleep well. They live their lives in happiness. Why scorn them?


Obviously, the main religion of Happy-land is Smilology, and its beliefs are that that Sir Smiling Steve Sunby is a prophet sent from the "Great Smile" in the Sky. It has only one commandment, which is to be upheld at every possible moment in the day:

  • Thou Shalt Smile!

The commandment was carved into a stone tablet many years ago and is kept at the top of Blest Box, where it can be viewed by anyone devout enough to smile in the face of such power.

The Grand Order of Smiling Woodchucks[edit]

When the (alleged) founder of Happy Land, Steve Sunby, soon became so happy that we would now call it catatonic dementia praecox and therefore unable to 'rule' Happy land, a battle of minds broke out within the country and although it started on happy terms, Pretty soon the discussion started to grow ugly & threaten the happiness of the people. Therefore it was decided that elections would take place, and to anyones surprise a strong majority voted for the fanatic religious 'Smileans'. The Smileans (or smilees) were until then always regarded as a special kind of clowns, with their hats and ridiculous smiley-masks, always good for a laugh, but when they were chosen to parliament things changed.

Smilean Priests in a Happy Ceremony

Strict rules on how to show your happiness were installed. First the coloured hats and later the masks (They even tried to make everyone wear funny day-glo shoes with lights flashing, but it was too costly and the people murmured). Nobody could leave their house without wearing them. They now call it euphemistically The 'Slightly Less Happy Years', but it is nearer to the truth to state that after a number of chaotic elections and ditto administrations, the country, and indeed all of its outposts and therefore the whole world, was on the verge of plunging into a devastating civil war, which would automatically annihilate the very core of Happylands' existence and leave the rest of the world in a barren and unhappy state. There were many factions then: Smileans, The Happy Few, Happy Days, Happy All the Time... this all is history and we all know the story of Happy-land's Last Government and how they decided to aim at abolishing itself.

Pinocchio and the Smileans[edit]

What was the purpose of this dreadful wooden Robot that only much later, when the gruesome memories had faded, could turn into a harmless childrens book character? Few people nowadays still recall that Pinocchio was a telepathic Lie-Detection device that was sent travelling through Happyland asking people questions. Whenever he caught anyone not telling the truth, his sharp pointed nose would be thrust out like a spear at the liar, to pierce him in any part of the body, in correspondance to the gravity of his or her lie.

Could not Mr Suby have foreseen, that Happiness would not be stimulated by these events? It makes the mystery regarding Steve Sunby and his shadowy group of teachers even greater. Even more so if we consider the sudden rise in the 1790's of a fanatic religious movement known as the Smileans aka Smilees, although their official name is: The Happiest Happyland Grand & Infinitely Happy Order of Happy Smiling Woodchucks. Although at the moment this sect is practically non-existent, at the end of the 18th century, Their power and influence were such, that when Steve Sunby became unable to rule Happyland after reaching the state of Hyper-Happiness, they were to be elected as the first democratic government of (see comments on:)Happy-land), which turned into a reign of terror. They worshipped Pinocchio the Woodchuck *), but as nobody was allowed to see his face due to his secret mission, they wore 'Smiley'-masks and brightly coloured hats. After their rise to power, they made the whole population wear them.

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