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The mission to Neptune.

The "Wiimote", now used as a controller for the new Nintendo Wii, has an interesting history.

A Brief History[edit]

German state flag featuring the Wiimote.
A typical Wiimine, photographed in 1933 approx.

Originally developed by the Nazi Party in 1934, the Wiimote was first discovered fully formed in the Bad Ems mine in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It was an accidental discovery when two German miners who were extending the tunnel for various reasons came across the device embedded in the rock in 1931. By 1933, the mine had expanded and was being excavated. So successful was this trade, that one of the German states flag features the Wiimote. In 1934, the Nazi party took over the dubbed "Wiimine" and began adapting the Wiimote to their own specific needs. In 1941, during World War II, the Japanese received a large delivery of Wiimotes from Germany to develop for the V3 rocket, however this failed due to the essential pointlessness of the Wiimote. They couldn't fathom the way it worked, and later abandoned the entire shipment in a well near Hiroshima.

Hitler modelling the Wiimote.

A few decades later an undercover Nintendo researcher later found the Wiimote in the well. After many years, boffins at the secret Nintendo underground labs descovered it could be used as a remote control and quickly adapted it to launch the V3 rocket, which was also in the well.

Old photograph of a Wiimote test.
The famous "Wiiwell"