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Wikiality is a nonhumorous encyclopedia-style wiki that focuses on misinformation and blatant lying while maintaining a semblance of seriousness. It is vastly inferior to Uncyclopedia.

Why Wikiality Sucks[edit]

In the beginning, there was Wikipedia. However, it was decidedly stupid in the eyes of many, so it was decided by many to move to what has now become the glory that is Uncyclopedia.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia realized what we were doing and created a faction to oppose us, known as Wikiality. To this day, we are at war with Wikiality. Read on for details of the war.

The Great War Against Wikiality[edit]

This section is under construction. You may help Uncyclopedia by saving its @$$ from ICU.

Links and other sh*t[edit]

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