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From Wikipedia cat Saras Maw

Where your donation goes

  • Technology: Servers, bandwidth, maintenance and all those things that need to get done so people have more time to adore and, more importantly, feed me.
  • People: The other top 10 websites have thousands of employees. These folks only have 93, which has its uses in terms of making it easier for them to notice me, but it also means they have to be efficient and need all the help they can get. Like funding for food, that's help. I like help. Especially the cream and catnip kinds of help.

Greetings. I am a Wikipedian cat - most of what I do here is sleep, as well as demand the occasional head-scratch and a constant supply of meat, and you are going to help me continue to do so.

Usually I sleep on counters, or half-walls, or tables. Sometimes chairs, but there's a danger of being sat on if I do that. There are also some plants here - I sleep on those, too. Once I slept on a guy, but then he got up and things didn't end very well... for him, anyway. But I was just a little disoriented, you know? Wasn't anything personal.

I've slept on the servers a few times, too. They're nice and warm, which makes for a lovely bed, but remember the last time the This Wiki has a problem thing came up? Yeah, that was probably me. Hairball, sorry.

My point is, these are good folks. They let me sleep wherever I want, and they need your support, mostly so they can keep feeding me. This is very important, see. Consider it - donating $5, $10, $20 or whatever you can afford, it's quite easy. And just think how much catnip that could buy me. And how much fish. And perhaps a room full of squirrels. I do so want a room full of squirrels, and... yes. You will help me get it. Only one or two out of a thousand who see this ever donate, but their support is what keeps Wikipedia going, and it is what keeps me fed, and is what will get me my room full of squirrels... and they give this support because they understand how serious I am about this. They are the ones who, like you, have small children. And small children are the ones that are easiest to have... picked up. The men just prefer them that way, perhaps.

You don't want that, though. You will contribute, whether you appreciate the people or not. You must appreciate me, and how resolute I am in this matter.

I will have that room full of squirrels.


Saras Maw

Wikipedia Cat

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This does not ensure the safety of your children, only their safety from me... for now. As I already have your personal data, what you enter here will not be stored.

For more information or other ways to feed me, click here. If you want to see your children again, however, you won't dally.