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Windows Genuine Ignorer is a free software product from Microsoft designed to ignore and run viruses, worms and spyware. It is bundled with the newest version of Internet Explorer. Many salesmen have been known to call Windows Ignorer a genie in a bottle, causing sales to go up even higher.

Windows Ignorer acts silently without user interference, allowing all types of harmful intended code provided from Internet, turning web surfing experience more badly impossible. Their high technology real-time engine allows other computers, strangers, and Chuck Norris to see what you make and what you have in your computer. For your privacy and security, Windows Ignorer reports nothing keeping yourself sweetly uninformed.

Windows Ignorer is the next-generation computer defending system. It will be bundled with upcoming Windows Vista bringing the future of computing more fun and enjoyable.

Windows Ignorer Features[edit]

Windows Ignorer boasts great features like Microsoft Anshmi-Spy Center 2006. Windows Genuine Ignorer increases the user's computer experience better than any competing product so the user has no need to receive updates from Microsoft.

Microsoft Orifice[edit]

  • A small part of Microsoft's mega-billion dollar finance industry, Microsoft Orifice is built into all Unix-based Windows computers. Microsoft Orifice's most significant changes are the replacement of the Office assistant. It seems that a refrigerated and frozen third-world child is sent to your home to live and serve you and your new Windows Ignorer PC. Did you hear that men in suits?
  • Microsoft Orifice also has Microsoft Sexsells, a great program which Sexifies all things, like my wife. The beta is extremely stable and is currently available for download from My wife now gives me sex like giraffes in a orgy. It's fantastic.
  • But that's not all. Microsoft Orifice has PORN. PORN PORN PORN. yes. It's true. Search "porn" in Microsoft Publisher's clip art section, and you find clear 100% daily-updated porn. 7 DVDs come with the new Microsoft Orifice set, just to accommodate how much clip art porn is installed. Notice: this is a mandatory install, because that S.O.B. Bill Gates can only collect porn while he makes money and then sends both the porn and the money to little children in third world countries. Go to his house, he has small children from Chad that serve his every whim. After all, that's what the internet is all about.
  • Windows Programming director Will Smith claims that "Bugs aint tha probbem. Dey sca'red a me. Give dat nig** dat shuga watah he ask'd fo bitch!"


  • George Lucas once bought Windows Ignorer and the effects are seen in the Star Wars movies. You didn't think Jar Jar was supposed to look like that, did you?
  • Chuck Norris made a spin-off of Windows Ignorer called "Windows Round-House Kick to the Face." It was quite popular with the ladies.
  • A notable virus given from Windows Ignorer is the "Cowboy Cage Fighting" virus. No one who has seen it survived it so no one knows what it is. We think it has something to do with cowboys, though.