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Wing is loved by all.


Wing is the most famous singer of all time. Wing was born in 1924 on the planet of Mars and is the daughter of Elvis and Oprah. Wing can sing many songs and is real cool. I love her.

Wing is the cause and the solution to World War II, and perhaps even World War III.

She has been number 1 in the pop and emo charts for 5644 weeks in total, and she once said that "everyone can suck my dick".

Wing once sang a ballad to Satan.

Wing is the inventor of the wheel and the first ever condom with sweatholes.

TV Shows and American Idol[edit]

In South Park Season 9 Episode 3, A Charcter by the name of Wing plays the roles of Kim's Wife, *owner and founder of city wok" She illegally enters the US to sing her hit song "Dancing Queen" in American Idol!

Wing the publicity whore on South Park.

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