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Mull of kintyre.jpg
Biographical information

United Kingdom

Date of foundation

1 April 1971

Date of dissolution

later on

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

After Yoko Ono fucked everything up


Wings are a boring rock band formed in whenever. Their lead singer/bassist/whinger Paul McCartney has previously been in The Beatles. They were originally called the Dung Beatles, until Ringo Starr came and supplied the creative muse. Paul's wife Lindsey became their ______ (INSERT ACTUAL ROLE HERE), and they formed a band with pDenny Laine (formerly of A Good Band) and Some Other Guy.


Their first chart success came with the song "Give Ireland Back To Guinness Ltd.". It only hit #16 in the charts in 1971, because the Irish were deeply offended. They never did give Ireland back to Guinness. Their first Top 10 hit was the disgraceful "Mary Had A Little Lamb" in 1972. It was so long after the song was written that the lamb had actually died. They went on to score many more undeserved hits, but their biggest success came with "Mole Of Kintyre", which sold an astounding 3 copies, more than twice as much as their other hits. Their first and only good song was "Live And Let Die" in 1973. Their guitarist Jimmy McCulloch died shortly afterwards. In 1981 they split up after Paul McCartney was arrested for possession of drugs. He said that they were "merely to give me songwriting talent". Soon after that, Denny Laine realised that they were crap and quit.


Former members[edit]

  • Jimmy McCulloch - dead
  • Joe English - drums (He was American, what's up with that?)

Total members[edit]

All of them