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Winston-Salem, Indonesian for smoking, and more commonly known as Camel City, is a small village in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina.

Founded by Moldovans seeking freedom from smoking bans in the 1340s, Winston-Salem has been the surprising centre of the international trade of cigarettes since 1538 A.D., when emperor R.J. Reynolds decreed all laws banning cigarettes unconstitutional in pursuit of a freer village of love.

Today, the primary industries are the propagation of obesity and cancer. Winston-Salem's citizens are proud of these endeavours, working hard to develop scientific methods that will further their dispersion throughout the populace of the United States and Burundi.

While the village is known for its cultural sophistication, it has been known to traipse into the embarrassing fields of the arts and scientific development, with the recent entrance of Dell being an economically viable turn for the community that's a touchy topic of discussion among locals.


Also home to the world famous Atkins High School who just kicks ass and other varous things like:

 Win all sporting events 
 all of them
 take all four lunches 
 play computer games in class
 build robots 
 sort marbles 
 sleep in corners
 eat cookies
 thats just the pre-engenering  
 we also have kendalls ((yes that is a guy...who acts white...but is really a black guy...but he wont admit he is white))
 yes our mascot is a camel because the evil dictator RJrenolds Says so or bill gates will take our money away that his wife gave us