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Because of their incurable biases, the so-called experts at Wikipedia will probably never have an article about Wintelre. We are sorry they insist on being this lame.

Wintelre is the fetish hippie capitol of holland, The city is run by macho man Stijn Klessens and his gay lovers, the german dildo scientists, willem van golsteinbrouwers and Erik Kouters.

Stijn often has "metal nights", wich owe their name to the metallic condoms they use to analy rape each other. Also, the have lan's, wich stands for LOVE, AIDS, 'N SEKS, this one week event is used to spread "the love" between freaky males such as Hairy harry and anal aran. Furthermore, wintelre had control over 120% of the worlds nuclear missiles.

Wintersel is owned by the great empire of Veldhoven who is ruled by the mighty leaders But & Butch people who like to a fetish hippie are doomed to be end up in prison for the death penalty, because the mighty leaders But & Butch do not like GERMAN people and their private live. We also don't like Harry and the noice makers (metal) so people who listen that kind of music also end up for the death penalty. In the future we will use polygame marriages, the women are a lower level of class and they must listen to the men. We will send all foreigners to France because you need to have parrents with a Dutch nationality and their parrents too. Also Stijn Klessens and his gay lovers will be send to France because I don't like their faces and their smell. Also we send 180% nuclear missiles to Wintersel.

Yours faithfully

Your great leaders But & Butch