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The real power in Rome? For a long time it was this hot chick, seen here sitting on the floor.

The Woman Empire (345 BC - 543 AD), commonly misspelt as Roman Empire, was one of the largest empires that the world has known in its short history. The Womans invaded many countries in the world, including Mexico and Australia, and introduced Gothic architecture (not to be confused with architecture), bellydancing, barby doll worship, PMS, et cetera, in these countries.

Start of the Empire[edit]

The Woman empire are said to have started in the now unknown island of Madrid, Italy, when an unnamed woman (or a boy named Sue) woke up on day in 401 BCE and decided to feed her newborn twins to a lonesome wolf. Since the wolf, named Mhen, only understood Canadian English, he decided to eat one of the babies. Denise did not appreciate the act and chose to murder Mhen and the rest of his kind using a small potato peeler. Her decree during the weekly town meeting to "murder Mhen kind" was mistranslated among the people and soon became the mantra of all the women in the land.

The two hundred men in Madrid were castrated from the island in a process called "menstration". The women then found the nonexistent Isle of Woman and formed their capital in Wome. From there on, they tainted many countries so as to have them adhere to their values and punish all men.

In 1895 the votes for men movement formed which demanded that men were treated equally in Wome. This, in fact was a male domination society which crushed women kind and set up the The nationalist socialist Fascist communist testicular society. (or the NSFCTS).

It took women until the late 20th century to regain their rights, as it was that time of the month again. Women's liberation was greatly helped by the -2nd world war, in which peace and prosperity broke out a second time("never again" say leading officals of NSFCTS).

In this time, all people were treated equally, and the men were so hung over where the after affects were that they couldn't reassert domination in wome. The "battle of the sexes" has just begun.



The country of Mexico was taken in two uneventful days by the Womans in 346 BCE. Very few Womans had traveled to the conquered land because they were not a big fan of their taquitos. A century later, only a few Womans were said to be found in Mexico and they did not hold a great amount of power. Although the Mexicoean vigour still survives today and some men are said to exist in present-day Mexico, the sense of afullheid still creeps over the Mexicoean fog during Sunday nights.

Fall of the Empire[edit]

The empire collapsed when men, the so-called Vandals, attacked the capital Wome and sacked it. Even today, vandals are always men, rather than women. the men did their famous teabag movement on the dead womens bodies, and tea bagging has spread like a disease all over the world ever since

Current status[edit]

After the fall of the empire women spread all over the world and began to obey men. Rumours have it that they started underground resistance groups like the Church of Oprah and are waiting for overturning the world domination by men(how ever this no longer exist thanks to a grue infestation). As a form of communication between the resistance groups Tv-shows are used with added subliminal messages. Most well-known examples are: As the World turns, America's funniest home videos and Days of our lives. The former hit series Dallas has been defaced by the FBI and stopped. Their current leader is Oprah. The Great Al Bundy before his death worked tirelessy to stop the spreading influence of the Empire.

Some Womans have spread to a second Woman Empire, Aristasia. The empire spread by way of the women spanking each other for bad behavior and pretending to be British.