Women's games and crimes against men

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Here is an overview of crimes committed against men, for which women are seldom if ever held accountable, although they should. This is not an exhaustive list, just a tip of the tentacle.

Bias research[edit]

Fake research that is used to get gender-biased laws passed, canvass sympathy for women, whip up hatred for men. What are the privileges of Patriarchy? 99% of combat deaths and work deaths are men. Women only talk about their rights, and we are only allowed to talk about our duties. Otherwise we are branded anti-female. Brainwashers have scores of dirty tricks up their sleeves, so you have to be very vigilant not to get fooled by them. They will change the meanings of words to fit their secretive agenda: like using the word honest to mean open, trusting to mean impulsive, or nice to mean willing to be a host to a parasite. When overwhelmed by facts they will turn to Shaming Tactics.

False accusations[edit]

False accusations, including false accusations of rape, domestic violence, dowry harassment, molesting the kids.

A false accusation of rape is much worse than rape itself. A rape victim is forced for a few minutes. But a man falsely accused of rape is imprisoned for 20 years. He himself may be raped or killed in prison. But false accusers are never held accountable for the aggravated form of rape they commit.

40% of rapes reported are false. Feminists retort: “80% of rapes are not reported” How could they possibly know that? Secondly, are they saying that false accusers are less scared to report rapes than real victims? This is just a memorized lie. The Supreme Court of India ruled that 98% of 498a cases are false reports! Where are the victims of these crimes? They are in the cemetery filed under suicide. And later I will post the dying declarations of 498a victims.

In the States, four times as many men as women kill themselves, and no money is spent to research why. But billions of dollars a year are spent with respect to intimate violence homicides. Nobody talks about men standing in front of a train.

Feminists cite Sati as an example of women’s oppression. When confronted with facts,

“The act of sati was supposed to take place voluntarily, and from the existing accounts, most of them were indeed voluntary. The act may have been expected of widows in some communities. The extent to which any social pressures or expectations should be considered as compulsion has been the matter of much debate in modern times. It is frequently stated that a widow could expect little of life after her husband's death, especially if she was childless. However, there were also instances where the wish of the widow to commit sati was not welcomed by others, and where efforts were made to prevent the death.” [1]
“For even the most conservative and rabid Hindu, it does not mean a woman dragged and thrown into her husband’s pyre by force or fraud. There are five mahasatis in the mythological tradition — Draupadi, Kunti, Mandodari, Sita, Tara — none of them burnt on their husband’s pyres. So what I say is this: if you are saying a Roop Kanwar or Charan Shah was dragged on to their husband’s pyre — it’s murder, why call it sati?” [2]

Sucicide rates[edit]

It doesn’t occur to them that a woman who has a 99% interest level in her husband may be driven to commit suicide, because they have never loved intensely. They retort that women are made to feel worthless by society.

Real story: 75% -- 90% of suicides globally with no exceptions are men. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_suicide_rate

Most men commit suicide after a divorce. Rejection is such a strong emotion!!! A lot of guys, they lose thirty – forty pounds, they end up loosing their jobs, they go bankrupt, they step on the tracks. A lot of guys just grin and bare it. They run around with sad eyes. They got that emptiness engulfed in their stomachs. They want to get it over with.

And the girl says “what’s the rush???” She is going to string them out. Understand? Instead of rejecting you, she gives you just enough attention to keep hoping and calling her.

In the beginning it’s all fun and games, but if you pick a bad one, you are really going to pay down the road! Which is why I tell you to take dating seriously. Guys who think with their cocks end up in deep trouble. Sex makes you dopey. It's best not to have sex until marriage.

Adultery & Double standards[edit]

In India where under Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code adultery constitutes a criminal offense punishable with up to five years imprisonment, a woman, even if she is involved in an illicit relationship, cannot be punished for adultery and is treated as the victim under law: http://tinyurl.com/2geca6

Men are expected to cheat and its their fault. This is part of the brainwashing our society is subjected to.

Turn on Oprah, she's the queen of the victims and she perpetuates this myth. Check out the newspapers and magazines. All you see are stories about husbands murdering wives.

They forget to tell you that one-third of the women who off their husbands don't go to jail!

What about that side of the story? What about the men who are being raped in prison?

Nothing, not a word do you hear! WHY? Because the woman is the VICTIM in America, and all men are BAD by nature. The Feministas run things! Don't you guys get it?

Prison guards routinely put men in same prison cells with known rapists as punishment. Think about it. What if hundreds of thousands of women were raped in prison? Would the media be hush hush about it? What if women lived eight years less than men? It would be a bigger scandal than the O.J. Simpson trial. But nobody cares about guys. All we do is fight between each other for the approval of women (which never works), and the gals who have a strong sex-solidarity are butchering us.

Mary Kay Laterno, a 35 year old school teacher had sex with a 12 year old student, had a kid by him, went to jail for seven years for it, came out, had another kid by him, and than is marrying him (what do you think her Interest Level is in the kid? 100%). She had a husband and four kids. The husband divorced her and went to live in Alaska. She sold her story and made a bunch of money. Think about it. What if a guy had sex with a twelve year old girl? Would they be buying his story?

Marital Fraud[edit]

A woman fakes high Interest Level in a man and marries for money or convenience. Now here is the shocking part: some of them are planning to divorce you later and use legal terrorism (such as 498A, false accusations of domestic violence) to extort money from you, at the time you get married. 90% of Domestic Violence accusations surface as false in Divorce Court. The anti-male male judge says “ah, everybody lies in divorce court”.

Marital Fraud also includes when a woman changes the rules after you tie the knot. Women hide their secret agendas planning to spring them on you after marriage, and hoping that with time you will capitulate and yield to their demands.

An example is a wife who tries to pressure you to spend every day at home by sulking and giving you the silent treatment. What she is going to do is she is going to pout and sulk, until you get rid of all your friends and spend every night with her. She never acted like this while you were dating. That’s her Secretive Agenda.

Paternity Fraud[edit]

A woman fools a man into thinking another man’s child is his, so he raises or pays child support for another man’s baby. 18% of children are not the sons and daughters of their fathers according to the American Association of Blood Banks.

Gold Digging. An uninterested woman goes out with you just to run up your credit card bill. Why Gigolos go to jail but not Mercenaries? If Mercenaries went to jail half the restaurants in your city would be out of business.

A sure sign she is a Mercenary is if she asks you “What do you do?” (How tacky!) First Sixty Days (until she gets off probation) tell her you work in construction (Mercenaries don’t care for construction workers (only owners) a good potential mate will understand the successful man’s dilemma and forgive him for his white lie! If she’s flexible, she’s understanding.); and try to date women who make more than you do.

If a woman doesn’t pass the home phone number test, the kiss test, or never asks you why you never take her out on a Friday or Saturday (which you should never do until she asks), you must get rid of her immediately. I know its tough for some of you novices. But to survive in the dating jungle you must get much tougher than you are now.


“I am going to create a fake profile with his pictures to attract attention to him with negatives”: - this is what a girl I rejected said to her girlfriends.


A woman hires an assassin to kill her husband, so she can collect life insurance money. Remember, women are born actresses. A woman can turn on and off the tears quicker than a playmate can disrobe for a camera shoot. Men think emotions are meant to express how one feels, but women use their emotions tactically. So beware, you may be sleeping with your enemy. Women also have the ability to bare tremendous discomfort if there is a payoff, so they can pretend to like a man they feel personally repulsed by. Only by pedantically adhering to my program can you be 100% safe from becoming a victim.

Women often get away with murder, and always have their sentence reduced because the public is sentimental about women. Often the victim gets blamed.

In most countries of the world, the proportion of those incarcerated and executed is at least 95 percent male, often higher. [3]

Emotional abuse[edit]

Prostitutes and mistresses never nag. A woman is fully aware that nagging is emotional abuse, and how disrespectful it is. If she says something more than three times – she is nagging. The less Flexible a woman is, the more she nags. Other forms of emotional abuse may include disrespect, putdowns, ridiculing a father in front of his kids, double standards. If she has feministic tendencies she considers men subhuman, so she figures abusing a man is justified. Women have ten years lead time on men when it comes to arguments. You can never win. She will bring up your past mistakes to justify herself. So a man is defenseless in that respect. He has no other option but to use force to stop his wife from abusing him, since the police will not help him. But than she sends him to jail for domestic violence.

This is why you should screen out women who are not flexible (if you do everything I say in this community, they will be getting rid of you!), or who have feministic tendencies. Many women are not conscious of being Feministas. They have been socially conditioned and brainwashed without realizing. She will say one thing (that she honestly believes when she says it), but unconsciously a Feminist agenda keeps rearing its head making her do the opposite of what she says! People take a really long time to change, so don’t waste time on someone who is not good enough, look for a better choice. Remember, Feministas come in every shape, age, level of attractiveness. Some are upfront about who they are, others hide their agenda. Never allow yourself to be fooled or intimidated by adamant denials. If a denial does not pass the Common Sense Test, you needn’t give it further consideration. Women always verbalize fairness don’t expect them to admit anything.


An example of how easily people deny the truth: - I recently read that 20% of people who use online dating sites polled in England admit that they lie on their profile. But when polled about whether others do it or not, most people reported that 90% do.

Always try to find out what a woman’s Secret Agenda is. Is she interested in you or in using you?

What’s the best way to find out her secret agenda? Say “tell me what you like about yourself?” And when they answer the question, you have to PROBE. And than if they bring up her ex-boyfriends, go into the interview, “well why did you drop him?”; “did you like him when you first went out with him?” “How did he turn you on?” “How did he turn you off?” Go into the hard interview. Ask her to give you specific examples, no generalities. Listen carefully, or you will regret it. You have to be like a cop on Love and Order. Attention to detail is a must.

“I broke up with Too Cool in Barcelona, Awara in Venice, Mukund in Acapulco, and Vivian in Geneva.”

Her agenda: her boyfriend has to be a travel agency.

Coyly, inquire: why it didn’t work out. “After all the fun Awara and I had together in Europe he wanted just to stay home.”

Translated from Womanese: “I dumped Awara after he ran out of airline tickets and wanted to take a rest.” (Obviously she did the same to the other.)

By the way, if a girl brings up her exes after the first date, she got low Interest Level, and you throw away her number. On the first date, she must bring it up first. Than you probe deeper. If not, don’t bring it up. But over time if you pay attention you will get a clue about her Agenda.

Women with high ILs have agendas too. And you never know how much % of her IL is in you and how much in her agenda. Remember women are born actresses. So be careful guy. Women are relentless about pursuing their agendas. They will apparently work for the betterment of the relationship, but in reality work to further their agenda. She may love you, but that agenda of hers will keep rearing its ugly head. She is like a double agent. She can’t even help it. She is programmed, like a salmon swimming up stream. The only way to derail her agenda is to keep her Interest Level in you sky high and make sure yours is lower than hers so you have more power in the relationship, or at least make her think it is by being a Challenge. But only a Flexible woman (especially if she’s a Giver) will adjust her agenda to be compatible with yours. So only go out with Flexible Givers.

Also be careful because the male Ego tends to overrate the female’s Interest Level (which marital frauds, mercenaries and users use to their advantage). Its near-impossible for a man’s Male Ego to accept the reality that a woman is not interested in him at all. Men who end up in deep trouble fight reality. I teach you guys to kill the Ego. Your Ego is a victimizer’s greatest friend, and your Arch Enemy. Always underrate a woman’s IL and allow for the possibility that she may not be interested in you at all. Trust must be earned.