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What's Inside A Wonder Ball? Oh Yeah Baby! What's Inside?*Comercial Jingle*

A Wonder Ball is a Chocolate Candy, made by a company that nobody remembers the name of because it's only sucsesfull candy was the wonder ball. The wonder ball is a chocolate candy ball-shaped shell. Inside, a prize is hidden. The wonderous thing about the wonder ball is that never will you get the same prize twice! It's like Candy and a prize for the price of one! Actualy, it is cand and a prize for the price of one!

What's Inside a Wonder Ball?[edit]

There is a prize in your chocolate ball. What it is can only be dicovered by eating the shell. (Remember to eat it in pieces so that you can claim your prize. It's of no use to you in your stomach probobly!) There are so many things found in a wonder ball, from more candy to seamonkeys, you can never be sure what prize your gonna recive!

List of Things Found in Wonder Balls:

Wanna take a guess what was inside this guy's wonder ball?

Many other things have yet to show up in wonderballs though that do exist inside them! Beware!

The Empty Wonder Ball Crisis of 9/11[edit]

On September 11 2001, all wonder balls purchase were found to be mysertously empty inside. Wonder Balls without prizes is like buying candy and a prize for the price of one and being ripped off! Actualy it's the exact same thing as buying candy and a prize for the price of one and getting ripped off! The USA claimed that Al Queda was resbonsible for this catastrophe. But when interviewed about the incedent, Al Queda possed a good question. "Vhy in ze ell vod ve empty zee vonder balls, veen ve cold have voot vombs in veem vinstead? Eh?" Charges were droped, and the next day, wonder balls contained prizes again. Turns out, the wonder ball factory floorman was to blame.

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