World War VIII

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World War VIII
Ist2 453995 contest chocolate.jpg
A horrific image captured at the time of the Chocolate Holocaust. This fate awaited many Milk Chocolates at the hands of Dark oppressors.
War began: 2168
War finished: 2197
Place: The Land of Chocolate (All chocolate half price!)
Result: Nestle Powers Victory
Impacts of War: N/A
Fighting parties of War
The Cadbury Collective (CC)
General Cadbury, Emperor Heinrich von Hershey
Six Million
Ten Million
50 Bald Polish Plumbers
The Nestle Powers (NP)
Major General and Supreme Emperor Charles Nestle, Baby Ruth (Until 1583)
Four million soldiers, 9 million civilians
Three million soldiers, 76 civilians
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World War VIII (pronounced "World War Vee Eye Eye Eye") was fought between the Cadbury Collective and Nestle Powers.

Humble Beginnings[edit]

The banner of the Cadbury Collective. They hoped Major General Cadbury would "pilot" them to victory.
The oddly shaped flag of the Nestle Dark Chocolate nation.

World War VIII, or the Tastiest War, was between the Cadbury Collective, the umbrella name for the Milk Chocolate Alliance, and the Nestle Powers (aka the White and Dark Chocolate Entante). War sparked finally in the year 1567, after tensions between the three ethnic groups (White, Dark, and Milk) led to armed conflict.
The Milk Chocolates had always viewed the Dark as their oppressors, and were jealous of their popularity.

In 1521, during a laboratory experiment, Dark Chocolate scientist Dr. Josef Mengele accidentally created Milk Chocolate while attempting to patent a new source of fuel. Not viewing these new people as a species, the nation of Dark Chocolate decided to use them as fuel anyway.
Until the late 1550's, Milk Chocolate citizens were used as both a fuel source and a food source. After the uprising of 1562, however, Milk Chocolate citizens revolted, declaring their independence and the creation of the Milky Way, an independent state, bordering the Dark Chocolate Republic(later renamed Nestle).

Meanwhile, a young Dark Chocolate politician was quickly rising to power. His popularity was largely due to the fact that fuel and food prices had soared, and the economy was ruined. His name was General Charles Nestle. It was he who promised a Dark Chocolate empire that would last "1000" years. He began World War VIII on November 21, 1567, by invading the Milky Way. He also began what was known among the world for centuries to come, as the Chocolate Holocaust.

The Battles (1567 - 1582)[edit]

The Caramilk Secret was never discovered, much to the distaste of General Nestle.

During the first year of the offensive, the Nestle Army advanced almost completely into the Milky Way. However, they were turned at the Battle of Twix. It was here that the forces of Major General (and Supreme Pime President of the Milky Way) Malk Cadbury split the forces of Nestle, in half, defeating one army and then the other. It was said that in resentment for his defeat, Charles Nestle began his End Conclusion to the Milk Chocolate question. The Chocolate Holocaust began in earnest in Milk captured territory in December of 1567, and lasted until the end of the war in 1596.

However, the Dark received a great victory at Kit (known in Dark Chocolate as Kat) in August 1581. It was here that the whole Fourth Caramilk Division was decimated.

However, one lone soldier managed to escape with the Cadbury Caramilk Secret, which remains undiscovered to this day. This Secret could have led to the destruction of the Milky Way. Kit-Kat was a disaster for the Milky Way, which now desperately needed allies. They appealed to the Supreme Duchy of White Chocolate, yet they decided to declare Non Belligerency.

After Kit-Kat, it appeared that Milk Chocolatey blood would never cease to flow.

Allies Enter The War[edit]

The Avro Areo. Smiply the greatest aircraft ever made. It was the prime of Nestle engineering.

Responding to the Milky Way's cries for aid, the Hershey Empire made secret plans to enter the war in the Cadbury Collective. They were promised the head of Baby Ruth, a vile terrorist that had plagued the Hershey Empire in several attempts to undermine its authority. On September 17th, 1583, Baby Ruth was captured by Milky Way forces in a commando raid. He was then handed over to Heinrich von Hershey (Emperor of Hershey), in return for the Empire's support in the war. Baby Ruth was tortured, and his execution was shown live on television. He was torn in half and pictures of this gruesome act can still be found today.

The infamous execution photo of Baby Ruth.

General Nestle condemned the act as a Crime Against Chocliality. He then ordered his top scientist, Carl Avro, to build a super weapon capable of attacking both the Milky Way and the Hershey Empire. He wanted some sweet, sweet, chocolatey revenge for Baby Ruth. Thus, the Avro Aero was born. It was the greatest plane ever constructed, and remains so to this day. After it's construction, Nestle contacted the Supreme Duchy of White Chocolate, and invited them to join in an alliance. Nestle promised the Supreme Duchy a valuable and highly coveted 'break' of the Provence of Kit-Kat upon the defeat of the Cadbury Collective. White Chocolate could not resist this tempting offer, and entered the war on May 9th, 1584. Their first battles proved great successes, and quite decicisive to the war effort. On the Plains of Mars. they defeated two Hershey squadrons, capturing the highly vital city of Skor.

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