Worst 100 Hybrid Animals

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A Hybrid Animal is an animal made up of more than one type of animal. These animals are often made by Scientists in military R+D labs, Mad Scientists in castle basements, witchdoctors in remote huts, evil wizards in towers, janitors playing with nuclear waste, etc. etc.

91 - 100[edit]

100. Beavmite.
The Beavmite is a cross between a Beaver and a Termite. They live in hives of thousands, are the size of Beavers and are voracious wood chewers. Hide all your valuable wooden possessions in metal containers because these guys will have destroyed every piece of wood on the planet in just a few years and suffocate everything in the stratosphere.
99. Duaver.
A cross between a Duck and a Beaver, it has the body and tail of a Beaver and the feet and bill of a duck. What do you mean there already is one? It's what? Called a Duck-billed Platypus? You made that up didn't you? No way!
98. Feather Boa.
A cross between a Boa Constrictor and a bird (different birds were used to get different colored Boas), this long feather covered snake is a popular fashion statement (often worn by exotic dancers). Every 5 to 7 days feed your Feather Boa a mouse that has been feed bird seed to avoid molting and constricting you.
97. Swine Flew.
A cross between a pot bellied pig and a condor. Commonly called pigs on the wing (Pink Floyd wrote a song about them). Good luck cleaning your car if one flies over it(to get it off use Swine Flew Poo OFF!)!
96. Mini Craken.
A cross between a Killer Whale, a Giant Squid and a blow fish. Once it wraps its tentacles around something the tentacles inflate crushing it's prey like Pop-Eye with a can of spinach or you crimping up your chemistry homework.
95. Jello Mold.
A cross between a Jellyfish and bread mold. It's lovely, green, transparent and has stuff floating in it. Is it good for dessert? Try it and let me know if it tastes like bread.
94. Qupid.
A cross between a Gibbon (for it's body) an Eagle (for it's wings), a Porcupine (for it's quills) and a psychedelic toad (Bufo Alvarius for it's hallucinogenic drug). This thing flies around shooting people with it's Arrows quills, the drugs carried in the quills cause people to fall in love with a porcupine(hallucinations will do that to ya).
93. Obamargaton
a cross between a orangutan and Obama- a huge difference, just a little less insightful and boring.
92. Cowbeer.

Cowbeer is deadly because it is beer that can stampede and get you very, very, very, drunk.

91. Snalug.
A cross between a Snail and a Slug, it's kinda pointless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


90. Green Dragonslug.
A cross between the color Green,a Dragon, and a slug.
89. Red Dragonslug.
A cross between the color Red,a Dragon and a slug.
88. Blue Dragonslug.
A cross between the color Blue,a Dragon and a slug.
87.King Donkey Father Jack.
A cross between King Kong,Donkey Kong and Father Jack from Father Ted.
86. The Metatron.
A cross between the father, the son, and the holy ghost. Destroys your town,kills you, frightens your children, and performs miraculous acts at random.
85. Vombie.
A cross between a vampire and a zombie. It vaunts to suck your brains and eat your blood.
84. Mozilla Firefox.
A cross between a motor, Godzilla, fire, and a fox. Nobody knows why.
83. Black Dragonslug.
A cross between the color Black,a Dragon and a slug.
82. Johnny Walkerine.
A wolverine is a mean motherfucker. Now imagine he's wasted on cheap whiskey.
81. Indiandy Dirval.
A cross-eyed, fan-eared cat with a bullwhip and a bottle of whiskey and gin.


80. Man Bear Pig.
Half man, half bear, half pig.It will eat you.
79. Minkey.
If you ever find out what this is a cross between please let Peter Sellers know(it is a monkey and a minx if you are wondering).
78. Hare of the Dog.
A mix of rabbit and dachshund, it carries a small bottle of alcohol under it's neck and makes people drink from it when they're sleep Easter morning.
77. Bee-Eagle.
Not to be confused with a beagle this black and yellow striped bird lives in nests of 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.It also has a nasty sting.
76. Sea-Monkeys.
These green, water breathing monkeys are covered with seaweed instead of fur and has a shark tail instead of a monkey tail.
75. Spidenets.
A cross between hornets and spiders, they create massive webs which they carry between them to cocoon very large prey(including humans), they then burrow inside the prey, hack their nervous system, and use them as a mobile nest/food source.
74. Spidenkeys.
A cross between a spidenet and a minkey, can give you super-aids and different kinds of lemon aids.
73. Jackson Owl.
A hybrid of owls and Michael Jackson, this rare bird is featured in the song "Man in the Mirror", by Michael Jackson, with its repetitive, soprano, and rhythmical call of "who! who! who! who!" and can be so annoying it can drive people to kill themselves.If you touch Michael ,jackson owls will kill you.
72. Spidderfly.
Always traps itself in it's own web and eats itself.
71. Chifishken.
A cross between a fish and a chicken (just ask Jessica Simpsonor Mily Siras).
70. Cactus Washington.

A cross between George Washington and a cactus.Also the spiniest president.



A cross between a triceratops and a cyclops.It has scales,a tail,3 horns,a frill,a club,sheep,legs that allow it to stand on it's hind legs,and 1 eye.


A combo of a sperm whale and poison dart frog.Each time it takes a step it makes a earthquake/tsunami and will make the world end in 2019.

67. Curry-in (sound it out)

A mix between curry and a robin. It flies and owns all in its path, and gives curry to all the good little boys and girls. Hunted by bird watchers everywhere. Also separated into two countries, North Curry-a and South Curry-a. North is communist but South is just plain messed up.

66. The killer.

A cross between a blue wale,verios sharks,the kracken(not the one listed on here),a condor,and the butler.If the spermogs don't destroy the world the killer will.It drags it's victims into a certain room of it's house,kills it's victoms with one certain everyday objects,and is never blamed in the right room,with the right weapon,or is never the right person(him).

65. Sinado.

A cross between a snake and a spider and a tornado.It looks like a snake with eight legs that summon tornadoes.If you see one, it is already too late for you - you are DOOMED.