Worst 100 Movies featuring THAT song by the Righteous Brothers

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According to God's True Word, the following are the worst 100* Movies featuring THAT song by the Righteous Brothers ever made. Readers are required to have their sporks to hand.

* God does not care to count this list too closely, and believers are wise not to criticise divine numeration policy.

100. Righteous Brothers - The Movie
(USA, 2005) The Righteous Brothers commit suicide.
99. Righteous Brothers - The Movie II
(USA, 2004) The Righteous Brothers commit unsuicide.
98. An Error Has Occured
(UK, 1978) The first movie to be written and directed by a computer. An error occurs.
97. The Big Shirt
(Lithuania, 1972) The Lituanian Prime Minister sends his shirt for ironing. It comes back with a torn sleeve. The whole film shows him crying whilst his staff are trying to find a needle and thread.
96. A Visit to the Park
(UK, 2005) Timmy, who is a little boy with a silly accent and magical powers, continuously plays on the swings at the park for 90 minutes. Ironically, the entire movie was filmed in the gents' toilets at Chesterfield railway station.
95. Let's go Swimming!
(Yugoslavia, 1946) Miroslav, a 10-year-old boy, decides to go swimming in a seemingly safe lake. However, immediately after starting to swim in the lake, he suddenly turns into a cow with a gorilla's chest. He then leaves the lake and speaks French for five seconds, then his languuage changes back to Serbo-Croat. Will he be a cow with a gorilla's chest forever? Who knows?
94. I Don't Know
(UK, 1432) Freddy the magic pixie is walking along the street, when all of a sudden, nothing happens!
93. Your Dad
(USA, 1985) Someone, somewhere, struggles to insult people.
92. The Lady is not for turning
(UK, 1980) Margaret Thatcher keeps repeating, "The lady is not for turning," then after 5 days or so she says, "Oh, alright then. The lady is for turning."
91. The Marriage of Figaro
(Austria, 1786) Figaro gets married.
90. Oh, I give up!
(Canada, 1990) Albert the Magic Pixie gives up.
89. Goat
(USA, 1990) Patrick Swayze discovers the downside to Karmic Retribution when he returns to the mortal realm as a goat. Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg also star.
88. Righteous Brothers, The Musical Adaption
(UK, Last thursday night) The righteous Brothers Commit suicide and unsuicide Simultaneously On Broadway. Ronan keating makes a brief guest appearance as a pole dancer with an audience consisting of Michael Jackson and The soup Nazi.
87. Tremulous Moonlight Incendiary C!ALI5
(Turkmenistan, 2004) Unbelievable tuberculosis fields enraged tantalisingly brusque intermittent jackal slurry emitting FOURTEEN INCHES.
86. Groinwelder
(USA, 2005) Adam Sandler joins an elite military force whose job is to covertly operate under enemy lines and weld the groins of terrorists to metal objects, where they will remain until they are arrested by Allied troops or accidentally destroyed by wayward flak shells. Typical Sandler hilarity ensues, including an entire 32 minute close-up of Sandler's face while he pisses onto a horse, following which the horse kicks him through a partition wall into a man holding a mirror, who then falls into a man holding a pane of glass, who then falls into a swimming pool full of piranha, which then falls off a cliff and onto the head of Gary Coleman.
85. Toast
(USA, 1988) Comedy staring Demi Moore as the recently bereaved housewife who discovers that her husband has been reincarnated as a slice of Toast (voiced by Patrick Swayze). Her only confidante is a Buddhist monk played by Whoopi Goldberg.