Worst 7 days of last week

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The worst seven days of the week:

1st equal:Sunday

Every day we don't belive in god or go to church on Sunday we come even closer to eternal damnation in hell.

1st equal:Monday

Monday has caused hundreds of Garfield comics. Obvious why this day sucks. Also recovering from hangover. Not to mention the first day of the dreaded school.

1st equal:Tuesday

Still recovering from the hangover.

1st equal:Wednesday

Really hard to spell.

1st equal:Thursday

A completely pointless day (sort of like posting on Uncyclopedia when you know it'll just get deleted), what makes it any different from say, Wednesday?

1st equal:Friday

You spend all day waiting for Saturday to come.

1st equal:Saturday

You realize there actually isn't anything to do on Saturday (except masturbate and post on Uncyclopedia).