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The WTH Equation[edit]

Long ago, nearly 2 dec-ays ago, gangster-rapper-gone-astro-physical-scientist Diggory Dag Dug released his first equation to the world: The WTH Equation. Also known as the "WTHNP" Equation to 'fellow brothers in the hood'.

The infamous and scandalous Myspace picture of Diggory Dag Dug which nearly cost him his career...

This equation is simple yet complex. In other words, please give up trying to understand it.


Perseverance may have paid off for the socialists in Neo-America, but it won't help you here.

Fine. You're that curious?

Just kidding.

Since You've Read This Far I Have To Make Something Up[edit]

The WTH Equation, not to be confused with the WTF Equation, is a formula that allows one to determine what exactly the hell is. It's a question that's clearly on everyone's mind, as daily thousands ask "What the hell...?"

So, hell has its answers. Diggory does, at least. Has hell's answers, that is. He didn't steal them, though. The answers of hell that he has, that is. The ones he didn't steal.

Moving on...

The equation is as follows:

Where .5* is the factor by which the hell is raised. For instance, in a situation where you slam your fingers in a car door, this is a +1 Hell Factor. (See chart below for more details.) The answers:

1 = yes

2 = no

3 = nigger please

Chart of Hell Factors Applicable to Everyday Life[edit]

Sadly, I lost my chart. DagDug denied any existence of such chart, thus I couldn't get another from him. So, instead, I have provided you with the element of hell.

“I deny the existence of any such chart.”

~ Dug Dag Diggory on the denial of the existence of any such chart.
Your soul on fire <- Hell Factors -> Sulfuric Intake
This is you
This is hell
Name Hell Factors
Number 190
Kinkiness moderate to high
Physical Properties
Melting point It's hell. Just try and melt it. °C, or maybe It's hell. Just try and melt it. °F
Boiling point Constantly. °C, or maybe Constantly. °F
Flavor *****|}

Hell and Its Forms on Earth[edit]

“What the hell?”

~ Dag Dug Diggory on pondering the meaning of hell.

The element of Hell in its purest form. Note: No one has ever seen pure Hell without first dying. You have been warned.
The closest representation of pure Hell we have in this mortal realm...

To the right you will see an image of Hell in its purest form. To the left you will see the closest representation of pure Hell we have on earth.

And that's it. That's all I have. The WTH equation is the brainchild of MC Hawking Diggory Dag Dug. Not mine.

“The WTH equation is my brainchild.”

~ Diggory Dag on the WTH equation's brainchild-like qualities that belong to him.

“Not his.”

~ Dug on the WTH equation not belonging to the author.