Wyvern FM

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Airdate 4 October 1992
Frequency 97.6 MHz, 102.8 MHz
and 96.7 MHz
Share .079%
Area Herefordshire and Worcestershire
Format Contemporary
Owner Satan
Website www.wyvernfm.co.uk
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Wyvern FM.

Wyvern FM is a very nauseating radio station broadcasting to unfortunate people in the United Kingdom. It was owned by GCrap Media, and is now part of Satan FM.

Wyvern FM is predominantly music-based, playing pop from the 1980s through to the present day. The station carries programming from its Worcester studios from 3am to 7pm weekdays, and for shorter periods at weekends. Other programming is provided centrally.

Radio Wyvern originally went on-air in 1992. The initial presenter "Crew" consisted of Sammy "The Sea-Snake" Southall at breakfast, Roy "Not a Leopard but" Leonard in the morning, Graham "No news like bad" Hughes in the afternoon, and Mike "Boy" George at drivetime. Weekend presenters included Jeff "Julia" Roberts, Rob "Too old for School" Yarnold and Bob "The Builder" Lee.

For the first decade or so, the station opened at 6 a.m. (7 a.m. on Sundays) and closed at 8 p.m. to save people during the night hours. Later the station provided a 24-hour Concentration camp service by joining up with Beacon Radio from 10 p.m. and then a wider network of Midlands stations from 1 a.m. Radio Wyvern took the SuperConcentrationStation overnight service in the late 90s, and when that closed crowds rejoiced.

After its licence was renewed in 1994, the station split into Wyvern FM, playing newer music, and Wyvern AM ("Quality" and more than the 3 tracks that Wyvern FM played) which was essentially a gold service. This caused mass panic due to the huge reception area of AM signals.

The name derives from the River Wye and River Severn, the rivers were commonly known for their huge amounts of suicidal townsfolk lining up beside them and jumping off. It is noted that Wyvern FM often broadcasts the same content as Severn Sound, Beacon and BRMB because all 4 radio stations were owned by GCrap Media.

Wyvern played host to many well-known broadcasters over the years. Neil Fox began his professional broadcasting career here in 1995, and "Wyvern News, this is Howard Hughes" became very familiar to prisoners. Rich "Wish I was" Edwards, who joined in the very early days, presented on Classic Shits until its abrupt closure in 2007. David Holdsworth, now with the BBC was the station's News Editor, and Eleanor "Very very" Oldroyd, now with Five Live, was a member of the Sport team. Many presenters, such as Mike "Boy" George, from earlier years have found a new home at BBC Hereford and Worcester.

Wyvern FM got a brand new logo on Saturday 18th August 2007 (The 666th in the stations history) as part of a revamp of some radio stations that are part of Satan FM.

Programmes Currently Broadcasting on Wyvern FM[edit]

Previous logo
  • Breakfast 6am - 10am with Paul Kershaw
  • Late Night Love with Graham "Also Single" Torrington
  • Music Control with Kevin Hughes
  • Drive time with Paul Ellery
  • Party Saturday non stop "music"
  • Sunday Evenings with Myleene "No" Klass
  • Big Ones and New Ones with Andy "Big One" Kench
  • Live at the Local
  • shit40uk

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