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Xerox is the name of a corporation, an acronym wich stands for "X EROtism X", it is in fact, one of the most important producers of pornography in the world since the sex was invented by God many years ago, they also invented the letter X and the way to print it in paper, that's why they become famous.

History & Inventions[edit]

In 1929 Xerox scientists invented "The photocopier", a magical artifact wich makes the owner able to duplicate any 2D object ("D" stands for dimensions) it was, in the first place, used to duplicate family photos (that's why the name) and then bank checks, originating The New York Stock Exchange crack. Because of that, all magical devices in the world and abroad were confiscated by the FBI for ever and stored in the Area 69 it changed retroactively the name of the company to his actual one (before then, it was called "PhotoX").

In 1958 they tried to duplicate, using the original "Photocopier" (which was saved from the FBI poaching), a Möbius Strip, because this is a 2D a 3D and a many-Ds object at the same time, the universe collapses in its very center and has to be re-built by the curry's, they still working on it right now, you can notice that watching all the things that are half-made, like the ozone layer or the human brain.

Alien Planet[edit]

There is also an alien planet called Xerox, from which an alien race came and sold cheap paper in 2003.