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Up until recently, XR was a Star Fleet astronaut employed by Star Command. Unfortunately, XR was fired from its job because it was a pervert. It now has a successful career as an actor/actress.

XR is also rumoured to be the only creature ever to survive a Grue attack. However, since XR was never alive in the first place, being either a zombie or a robot, both of which are dead to begin with, this is doubtful.

Gender Debates[edit]

XR is (supposedly) a robot and therefore asexual. However, it stubbornly insists it is male, even dragging up porn on the Internet daily to prove its point.


What is this thing?

XR is supposedly a robot built by Star Command. However, it sure doesn't LOOK like a robot, and its limbs keep falling off. Obviously, that makes it a zombie. If this is so, Star Fleet has been lying to us all these years.

There is also evidence pointing to XR being an energy vampire. However, most believe he merely suffers from Type I energy vampirism, and is not an 'actual' vampire.


Despite being asexual, XR has dated several women. It is currently in a relationship with:


XR does not like candy.

XR's Acting Career[edit]

After being fired from Star Command, XR was a little-known actor/actress until 1999, when it was hired by Disney to be in a documentary about Star Fleet. The documentary was incredibly popular. In fact, it was so freakin' popular Disney decided to capatalize profit by creating a spinoff TV series called Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

According to the ratings, that show sucked and everyone hated it. However, it gave XR a much-needed career boost, allowing him to land a leading role in the movie Ghostbusters.

Since then, XR has starred in the following movies:

  • The Parent Trap,
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins,
  • Toy Story,
  • Toy Story 2,
  • Max Keeble's Big Move,
  • Lilo & Stitch, and
  • Star Wars.


Being a celebrity, XR has of course been in rehab several times for Kitten Huffing. None of the rehabilitation attempts seem to have worked. However, as Britney Spears can attest, rehab makes for absolutely FANTASTIC publicity.

Publicity Stunts[edit]

In June 2003, a newspaper article was published claiming XR to be the sole person to ever survive a grue attack. However, this is probably fake, since XR is, after all, a celebrity and they are dirty liars.

In September of the same year, XR attacked his fellow actor NOS-4-A2 at his house in Pittsburgh, claiming the famous actor was, in fact, a kitten-huffing energy vampire- how hypocritical.

In response to the attack, NOS allegedly sunk his fangs into his assailant's neck, sucking out its soul. If this is true, then XR's species is finally made clear; it is neither a robot nor a zombie but actually a soulless robot zombie.


Despite being a pervert and a closet zombie, XR has attracted many fans of its acting career. Some of which are:

Unfortunately, every actor/actress has its stalkers as well, and XR is no exception. It has filed multiple restraining orders against the following people:

Illegitimate Offspring[edit]

Despite XR being an ASEXUAL ROBOT/ZOMBIE and UNABLE TO REPRODUCE, several people claim to be/have bourne his children.

Supposed offspring include:

  • Gir (he claims to be XR and 42's brain-damaged love child- and looks it, oddly enough)
  • Kila, a.k.a. Experiment 630 (she claims to be the offspring of XR and a Dr. Jumba Jookiba- how she thinks this is possible, I have no clue.)
  • Anne Katrine Kamper
  • Lord Voldemort (though this is unlikely)
  • Oscar Wilde (though this is even MORE unlikely)
  • Candace Orion-Nebula (DNA test pending)
  • Petra

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