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“Emos are Hot, not, go away wierdo stalker.”

~ Paris Hilton on Xaritix

“STFU Xaritix.”

~ Everyone Online on Xaritix

“If he came on my show, the money would soooo roll in.”

~ Maury Povitch, Dr. Phil, and Jerry Springer on Xaritix

Xaritix is a well known annoying Bitch online, he has been banned from sooooo many forums due to his wierdness about Paris Hilton (see stalker)

Earlie Life[edit]

Xaritix, birthname "Arit Xix", was born in Ritch-Bitch City (Beverly Hills), he was spawned when Madonna was inpregnated by Vulcans, Madonna returned to earth, and gave birth to a child he named Morgan Brikiin, making up the surname due to Madonna's lack of a last name, but was renamed Arit Xix by his vulcan scientist father, but was put up for adoption when Madonna died for 5 seconds after her first farewell concert

Internet Existance, Part I[edit]

Arit Xix, then renamed Morgan, got a cheap-ass dell computer for christmas, he adopted the name "Xaritix", a anogram of his Vulcan name, as his screename, he recieved the game Battlefield 2 on his birthday (his human birthday, not his alien birthday which is 1001101010010110101, which is next year), but his normal brain melted due to the inability for his computer to run BF2, his brain was put in cryogenic freeze, just as Walt Disney's head, and recieved an emergency brain transplant through one of Marilyn Manson's past possessed bodies, which sadly, carried the disease: Hiltonitis, which caused extreme psycopathic "love" for Paris Hilton

Internet Existance, Part II[edit]

Xaritix bothered many people about his "love" for Paris Hilton and his lesbien sister in an attempt to make people think he is cool, which is a misconception, considering he is a n00b when it comes to life, he was banned from his first forum in March of 2006, and was formerly considered part of the speciese known as the nerd

The Emo Xaritix[edit]

On the contrary to popular belief, Xaritix did not become an emo, he was replaced by the spawn of Tom Cruise and The Borg, he had Black hair and clothing, and was generally an Emo Faggot, he too, had the Hiltonitis disease, considering how the disease originated on Tom Cruise's home planet of Alderaan. The Emo Xaritix put the old Xaritix into a cryogenic freeze with his normal brain, and took the crap he got from people online better


Xaritix also has a werd hair fetish, he is obsessed with long blonde hair like Paris Hilton's, and is a fucking wierdo stalker

Common Misspellings & Mispronounciations[edit]