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Spoiler warning: Plot spoilers, such as the fact that XASTHUR IS ONLY ONE PERSON


~ Malefic on his siblings

Xasthur (pronounced Zass-Thur) was a one-man-band black metal project led by Malefic, who's real name is Scott Conner, now the band is comprised of 3 total members. Connors lyrical themes center around darkness, depression, darkness, astral projections, suicide, despair, and darkness. Despite these similarities, Xasthur is not to be associated with Slipknot as they sound nothing alike.

The noose is there, but nothing ever happens. Why?


I dare you to read this.

The logo is one of the most illegible logos of all time. It was rumored that Malefic originally saw it while in a drug trip. He described it to one of his best friends, Blood Moon Ausar, who drew it out just in time for the release of the Suicide in Dark Serenity EP. Malefic fell in love with the logo the first time he saw it and has used it as the logo for all of Xasthur's albums since. He even went as far as to marry his logo.

Creating his music[edit]

Malefic is NOT the only musician in Xasthur, so he doesnt have to fill in for all the instruments. He can play guitar, bass, drums, and do vocals; he can do any of them really well. Xasthur has now played many live performances.

The sound of the music can easily drop a listener into a deep trance, but later sections of the same songs may wake the listener from the trance. This basically means that Xasthur has super amazing sections of the songs, but at the same time has incredibly terrible sections of the same song.

Malefic's voice is actually the best part of the music as it sounds like a wolf attack. This voice is really put to use in Xasthur's fifth album Subliminal Genocide.

Personal Life[edit]

Malefic currently lives in the apparitional void of failure with his beloved logo where he can create his music in peace. Periodically, he abducts stray animals and consumes them in what he calls a "Soul Abduction Ceremony." He only gets casual visits from Wrest of Leviathan, who lives in the tenth sub level of suicide.


  • Nocturnal Poisoning - Poison that's twice as effective as daytime poison.
  • The Funeral of Being a Wigger
  • Telepathic with the Deceased Emos
  • To Violate the Oblivious Noobs
  • Subliminal Genocide - Thought to have been responsible for starting the Rwanda Genocide.
  • Defective Epitaph - Don't you hate it when these damn tomb stones don't work?
  • All Reflections Drained - Not to be confused with a Slipknot album called All Hope is Lost
  • Portal of Sorrow - Malefic is thinking with Portals