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Yogamancy is a magical art/religon invented in the early 1300s by Sanje the Marmot. It combines the Marmot Lord's studies of the Dark Arts with the arts of Yoga, which he learned on his voyages through the East. Practitioners of Yogamancy (known as Yogamancers, or Yogamantic Disciples) train daily to become perfectly in tune with their bodies, to battle their demonic enemies with their ritual twin daggers, and to raise the and control the bodies of the dead. Yogamancy has become a religion, due to the recent ascension of Sanje to divinity, and has been officially sanctioned as the religion of Gal Zabor, Sanje's home country.

Famous Yogamancers:[edit]

The first disciple of Sanje the was Chuck, full name Charlie Cutiepie the Third, Grand Duke of San Antonio. He was found deep in the Mojave Desert by the benevolent Sanje, who proceeded to grant him powers over the dead, and the ability to speak. They went south to South America, which was then ruled by Furries who would yiff the native monkeys until the crack of dawn, and rescued a monkey named Skippy. He was captured by an evil english teacher who sought to use Skippy's soul in his soul powered death-o-bot. Just as he placed Skippy near the soul intake valve and was ready yo flick the switch, our dynamic duo took action. Chuck pushed Skippy out of the way, and Sanje pushed the evil english teacher into the soul intake valve and flipped the switch. In gratitude, the monkey taught them his language, and became their monkey assasin freind. They then traveled to Isstara, a country of squirrel girls constantly raided by the furries of South America for their women. They found a strange boy named Kraggi who had been raised by squirrels as one of thier own. In the days of his youth he was told what it means to be a man, now he'd reached that age were he tries to do those things the best he can. He protected the squirrel girls by fighting, and this chivalry impressed the tepid trio. They recruited him and asked him to found a country for them, and the rest is history. Later Kraggi single handedly saved Gal-Zabor from invasion when he brought a d20, and easily outrolled the opponent's sixes.

History of Yogamancy:[edit]

Yogamancy was founded by Sanje the Marmot after his return from a mysterious journey to the Far East. Little is known about his early studies of Yogamancy, but by the year 1321 AD, Sanje had founded a small village in a southern province of Gal Zabor. This village, Sof Giwhosawhatsit, quickly filled with students of Yoga from far and wide, eager to partake of the meat-feast that Sanje began. Many fled, however, when they saw Sanje's "radical" bent.

Sanje's followers soon began to look at meat as more than just the awesome food substance traditional in Yoga. They practiced dark magic upon their meat, and soon learned the arts of undeath. Sanje quickly populated his village with yogamantic zombies, who performed all the necessary grunt labor of the village. This left the Yogamancers free to further pursue their studies. As peasants throughout Gal Zabor learned of this strange village, most considered forming a torch-wielding mob. The wisest amongst them, however, took charge. They sent emissaries to meet with Sanje, who agreed not to actually kill any peasants for his experiments. Further, at the first meeting of the Yogamantic Council, the Yogamancers agreed to supply villagers throughout the land with Yogamantic Disciples and yogamantic zombies as free labor. The efficiency of this method soon became apparent, and the agricultural prowess of Gal Zabor had tripled by the 1340s.

Things in Gal Zabor remained relatively tranquil (barring a demonic invasion or three) until the mid 1500s, when tensions mounted with their neighbours. The Black Plague had repeatedly swept across the continent, leaving hundreds of thousands dead. While this devastated the surrounding nations, Gal Zabor suddenly had a bumper crop of zombie labor, and entered a golden age of prosperity. Jealous, Gal Zabor's adjacent countries met in secret, and launched a massive assault as soon as it was their turn, repeatedly rolling sixes. Only due to the fact that the defending nation wins tied rolls did Gal Zabor survive the initial assault. As soon as it became Gal Zabor's turn, however, the victor was easily apparent. Raising the enemy's dead and their own, Gal Zabor swept the armies of their foes out of their borders with ease. The war ended, and Yogamancy was once again turned to peaceful purposes.

Since the 1600s, the only important developments in Yogamancy have been its transformation into a religion due to the ascension of Sanje, and the invention of the zombie salad.