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Notable Accomplishments[edit]

Yoshiki can talk to animals. Here he is seen with his pet camel, Lemac.

Yoshiki is best known for being the founder of X Japan (aka The Best Band Ever) as well as their drummer, pianist, primary songwriter, composer, cowbell player, producer, manager, special effects technician, sound engineer, and mascot. Along with being a member of X Japan, he also has a solo project called Marigold UC. With this project, Yoshiki hopes to blur the lines between fashion, art, and music as well as compete with Guns N' Roses's Chinese Democracy album for the Guinness World Record of "Most Number of Times That an Album Has Been Delayed". He also founded the nonexistent band S.K.I.N., which purportedly stands for "Super Kooky Ipod Nanos", with fellow J-rockers Gackt, Miyavi, and Sugizo.

Yoshiki founded his own record label, Crystal Meth Records, in 1985, and is also the producer for other famous bands such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Rein Deer en Grey, The Track Stars, and Glay-zed Donuts.

Yoshiki commonly ninjas his way into concerts, movies, and ninja conventions. He has been spotted at the Family Values Tour, Taste of Chaos, and every concert that Rudolph the Red Nosed Rein Deer en Grey has ever played in America. He starred in the movies Tokyo Popsicle and it's less well-known sequel Tokyo Popcorn, made cameos in the (in)famous Saw series and in the movie The Cat Ate My Comb, and has an upcoming role in Reaper! The Gene Simmons Musical, which contrary to popular belief does not involve Gene Simmons. Yoshiki also wrote the soundtracks for all of these movies.


Nobody knows when Yoshiki was born or what his blood type is. When asked, he has simply answered "X". Many philosophers and scientists have come to the conclusion that Yoshiki means to say that he has been around since the beginning of time, and is therefore immortal. Some have estimated that his actual date of birth is November 20th, 1965, and his blood type is B, but Yoshiki adamantly denies this. It has been confirmed that his home town is in Los Angeles, California, (though some fangirls claim it is actually Chiba, Japan, but nobody believes them because they are fangirls). Some Gackt fans think Yoshiki may also be a vampire, and Yoshiki has reportedly claimed to have amethyst blood, which would completely disprove this theory.

Yoshiki has been married to each of his band mates at some point in time, and is currently married to Toshi. Yoshiki also married The Floor once, but they divorced because The Floor had an affair with The Wall (not to be confused with the Pink Floyd album of the same name. However, Yoshiki has done collaborations with Pink Floyd, as well as with KISS, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses, The Doors, and every other classic rock band).

Yoshiki has a Myspace, a Facebook, and a LiveJournal. Fangirls have a tendency to spam the heck out of these accounts with silly fangirly messages, glitter graphics, emo poetry, creepy stalker messages, chain mail, pictures of their cats, messages too incoherent to properly decipher, pictures of their pet boa constrictors, their phone numbers, and their Social Security numbers.

Surprisingly, Yoshiki has not issued restraining orders against these fans. In fact, he actually created a 25th hour of the day just so he could devote it to reading through every single one of these messages. Other instances of him being unusually kind to his fans include him writing songs for them, buying X Japan concert tickets for them, and asking them for autographs.

not married even onece!

X Japan[edit]

See X Japan. Yes, they do rock.