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The album cover.

You Can't Handle the Pooh was the first and only album apart from the single Large and In Charge created by Winnie the Pooh. Although it was created almost entirely by pooh, he had help from his friends Owl and Tigger. It was published by Walt Disney (who else?) and released on one SACD and CD album for 23.99$ in the US in February, 2005. It was a great success, topping the charts for 2 weeks. So no one knows why the gang didn't produce more music.


  1. You Can't Handle the Pooh: Winnie the Pooh: 4:23
  2. You gotta be a Tigger: Tigger: 5:32
  3. Untouchable: Winnie the Pooh: 3:43
  4. Beat-Boxen' Boobies: Owl's...Hooters?: 6:31
  5. Large and In Charge (Pop-Techno Remix): Pooh: 3:50
  6. Large and In Charge (Hip-Hop): Pooh: 4:45
  7. Play that funky Boob-sic, White Boy: Owl's Boobs and Owl: 3:12
  8. Who's the Pooh?: Pooh: 4:12
  9. Smooth as silk: Pooh: 3:23
  10. Pooh's Gotcha Back: Pooh: 4:12
  11. Who's fuckin' pooh?: Pooh: 3:12
  12. Beat-Boxen' Boobies (Reprise): Owl's Boobs: 0:30
  13. Tigga, Please: Tigger and Christopher Robin (somehow): 5:12
  14. Make some REAL music: Owl's Boobs: 4:12

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