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The Young Offenders Act was one of the most important pieces of Canadian legislation ever to be passed. It was hailed by civil liberty groups as the best legislation ever passed in the history of the nation. It allows people under 18 greater freedom and less restriction by the oppressive Canadian justice system. It was introduced by both the New Democratic Party and Liberal Party of Canada in 1984.

Freedoms Under the Young Offenders Act[edit]

  • Freedom to express sexuality (by force or not)
  • Freedom to claim ownership
  • Freedom of speech (including hate speech)
  • Freedom from consequences
  • Freedom to steal barbecues
  • Freedom from prison
  • Special protection (excuses) for women and minorities
  • Freedom from being identified in the press
  • Freedom of expression (including setting of fires)
  • Freedom of assembly (including rioting)
  • Freedom of doin it

Oldspeak Newspeak
Little Thugs Youth at risk
Psychopath Misunderstood
Violent Crime Acting Out
Rape Surprise Sex
Juvenile Court Day Care Centre
Juvenile Delinquents Troubled Youth
Excuse for Violent Crime Bad Upbringing
No Punishment Conditional Sentence
Rewards for Bad Behaviour Alternative Measures
Perportrators of Heinous Crimes Victims of Social Exclusion

Most Benefited Youth[edit]

There were a few youth in particular who benefited by the introduction of this act

  • Ori Ruben, caught at the age of 16 killing puppies and drinking their blood, given a $25 (CAD) fine
  • Adam Casey, charged with vehicular homocide at the age of 17, sentenced to 45 hours of community service.

Both Casey and Ruben now practice 'Surprise Sex' on unsuspecting animals.

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