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“I'm Oscar Wilde, bitch.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Yugioh


~ Yugi on Oscar Wilde

Yu-Gi-Oh is a popular science fiction novel in which spiky-haired Japanese schoolchildren fight for the fate of the universe. If you have ever watched any sort of anime you realise that this plot is the best one in existance and is why it is used over and over again.

In the book, "Yu-Gi-Oh" is the catchphrase used by the main character, ten year old homosexual Yugi, which he screams each time he transforms into his twenty year old pedophile alter-ego. His alter-ego usually proceeds to rape, pillage, and plunder or win his pathetic alter-ego's card games. It has been suggested by fans that Yugi and his alter-ego are lovers, though the writer of the novel has denied this and claims that the alter-ego is merely intimidated by Yugi's ferocious hair.The paedophiliac Yami Yugi, notice the strange triangle object in which he keeps the dead soul of his 'mama'

Like most novels, there are other characters but none of them matter. They're just there for effect and dialogue anyways. If you form images in your head while reading, Yugi's hair should be big enough to encompass the entire universe, rendering all other characters unable to be seen and therefore irrelevant.

For no apparent reason, Yu-Gi-Oh has a high concentration of playing card games, often noted as "duels", that end up deciding one or more fate(s) of the universe. Yugi is unable to be beaten because he is a child playing a child's card game, making all of his opponents incapable of fighting back due to their advanced age.

The only people that have been able to defeat the psychopathic moron are a bunch of pathetic retards that used to work for Kaiba until an even bigger retard appears with bigger hair than Yugi with the mental age of an over pregnant moose.