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Zac Efron was created when scientist mixed the DNA of Brad Pitt and Bigfoot. Scientists were astonished when at only two years old, Zac could already do stupid dance moves and act as if he was bisexual. This skill developed until Zac was poisoned by all the male scientists in an attempt to shut the little shit up for good. It was only due to the skill of the young female student scientists that he was kept alive. By the time Zac was fifteen he could write stupid songs which everybody hates but Disney love. His most famous song "I Bum Boys" reached number one straight away. He was also award with the golden cock for most successful puff. Within a day he was in accident and emergency as it had got trapped in his rectum. Later he starred in cult hit film "High On Crack school Musical"- which had two sequels "High On Crack School Musical 2" and "Why Won't Zac Efron Die".

He is now known to make his way around gay bars and as he puts it "I'm big, I'm tough, I take it up the chuff". He also has to be body guarded 24/7 in addition to constantly having checks for sexually transmitted diseases, which he is the main transmitter of.

Why he should be killed[edit]

  • He is where AIDS came from
  • I hate him
  • He goes to a so called high school- this influences kids to do drugs aswell
  • He thinks he's black
  • No male ass is safe
  • I hate him
  • His haircut looks like a shitzu. ( a really shit zoo)
  • I hate him
  • He Is A Stupid Dick That NoOne Likes !!

Why he should be saved[edit]

  • So he can be tortured
  • So I can kill him
  • So we can use him to work out a cure for AIDS
  • Coz He Is Gawjuss And A Sex Godess x x !


Zac Efron had a son called Zebadiah Efron who fortunately hung himself in 2007 after too much exposure to the hair gel that his dad used. His second son vowed revenge but never got the chance as from the day he was born he was forced to dance and put makeup on by Zac. This eventually took its toll and he is now known as Dame Judy Dench and is a class A nut job. LIARS!!

Why do girls worship him?[edit]

I personally haven't a fucking clue. But there is one theory, please add more if you know of any.

  • Girls love for him is due to the media producing a fake image of him. In real life he is a scouse much like Wayne Rooney just even shittier at football.
  • (add your contribution here)
  • I hate him


Zac Efron is bisexual (he swings both ways). This is really selfish, beacuse everyone knows bisexual people just want to have a bit of both. What bisexual literally translates as is "will bum anything". It comes from the Latin language.