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Queen Saliva

Queen Silvia Bernadotte of Sweden is a truly inspiring life story(much like Winfrey Oprah). She was sentenced to death for killing her husband; King of Sweden Carl Gustaf XI in 2005. The sentence were carried out at Allsång on the Scans by national executioner Teddy Björn Fredriksson. After the King & Queen were dead, the role as ruler of Scandinavia fell on the Crown Princess, Victoria. The youngest princess wanted the title more and killed both Victoria and Prince Carl Philip, making herself the One Ruler of Swedden for 9 years. But what Madeleine didn't know, is that she was now up for the


Queen Silvia Bernadotte, rose from the dead and reclaimed the throne by eating Princess Madeleine for Cristmas in 2014.

The forgiving Swedes soon got attached to Zombie Silvia Bernadotte (now denoted as "Zilvia"), and she is often called the most popular Monarch in Swedish history. Much due to the successful PR campaign where she changed name from Her Majesty Queen Zombie Silvia Bernadotte to simply Queen Saliva.

Queen Saliva died in 2019 from rotting to death.


  • Most Likely To Be An Un-Dead Anti-Christ (Awarded during her time at the Internet)
  • Most popular historic person. Illustrerad Vetenskap 2055
  • Friendliest Monarch of the European Union. Mother Theresa prize 2058
  • Nobel Prize in Medicine: "For her being able to be alive even if she's like dead! WTF!" 2066

And many more!

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