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Analog is a extremely primitive form of Recording that comes in many form whether they be tapes, cd's, sticks or kids.


Analog was invented by the master of the universe He-Man with help from his critically acclaimed record producer Steve Wilson. One day way back in 1992 while the two were recording the techno remix of Rush's latest album Snakes and Arrows Steve apparently tripped over his glass of Orange Juice spilling it all over the recording equipment. Being the quick thinker he was He-Man promptly ripped of his tear-away vinyl pants and offered they record on it. With nothing else available Steve agreed. Soon after the recording Geddy Lee barged into the room stole the vinyl pants. Then he took them back to the sixties(with the help of his Time Machine) where he could give the technology to Pete Townsend the international leader of the Yakuza.

Analog Kids

Analog kids are the previous evolution of a Digital Man. The first one to ever catch sight of this extremely rare Pokemon was Neil Peart. Since he found and captured one during their Exit Stage Left... Tour Analog kids are often found wearing Red baseball caps. Analog Kids are grass- based Pokemon and can use attacks such as Vine Whip, Hyper Beam, Poison Powder and Cut.