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The evil FA! (one of many)

AntiFA is a worldwide ninja movement against FA skin and head care production used primarily on sweaty FAt people. The goal of AntiFa is to exterminate all Fa production, so that everyone would smell equal, and the world would stink to death.


“AntiFa is The Way, The Truth, and The Life! Take it and Eat it. AntiFa people are alive by AntiFa, It's like mana, or nectar to gods!”

~ Antiführer on Antifa way (on the highway?)

The Organisation itself was founded in year 18 B.H. (Before Hitler), by some infameous Yaoi! music band "Los Fast idio(t)s" leader, who called himself Antiführer. He claimed, that all people are equal (by race, underwear color, heart beats per second, etc.), but then suddenly, during a late night orgy, he realised, that people smell differently, because of great FA production assortment. And then it all began: Antiführer, being supported by a small group of people (the ones from the orgy) started leading various demonstrations, parades, and even farting assaults against Fa production. Despite the large number of failures, the group constantly grew, therefore making the atacks a little bit more devastating, and orgies much more pleasurable. He wanted for people to stink naturally, which would mean the possibility of separating good from evil (they would still be equal!) by smell, and... some extra orgy fun! Nowadays, the spirit of "Los Fast idio(t)s" and Antiführer carries on with Children Of Bodom.

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