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“Never trust a woman who says BRB”

~ Oscar Wilde on BRB

“I'll brb”

“Didn't BRB mean "Bring Ribs Bitch"?”

“I won't BRB!”

~ Class Prez on BRB


~ Someone who isn't going to come back on BRB

BRB is the most used internet acronym. It means "Boring, retarded bitch." It is used by people that want to give the impression of having a "life" (A rare thing that few people that know about the internets have.)

If someone says BRB to you (and by say, I mean type), simply say "No, you're the Retarded Bitch!" and wait for them to respond.

Alternatively, it can be said to "females" you meet on the internets, meaning "I want to have sex/food/money." Guaranteed, she'll say "Okay".

It is also likely if some one telles u BRB u wont see them for about five weeks lol.

>Hawtgurl_79: So, U was brawlin? Brawlin is retarded lol, i think it' lik uhh, annoying & stuff.
>Numberless: Rly? Taht's awsum really, tell me moor.
>wantsumoore_3: Wat? 
Hawtgurl_79: & lik, it's annoying like how BYAAAAAH is soooo noying 2 rotflmao meaningless
BYAAAAH!111: Your lack of understanding regarding the underlying political parody "like" is inane.
>wansumoore_3:Wat is a "&" Hawtgurl_79.
>Numberless: Yeah, oh, brb hg79.
>Hawtgurl_79: Uhhh...
>Hawtgurl_79: Okay
>Hawtgurl_79: ASL?
>Hawtgurl_79: ..Hello?
*Numberless has signed off

Buts R Big[edit]

BRB has also been used to describe a female's lower backside or buttocks. Strangely enough, this is one of the only acronyms to be actually used in real life by COOL people!

The following has been heard using a hidden mic planted upon Snoop Dogg's face, disguised as a pimple. No one told him of the "pimple" in fear of being bitch-slapped by him when he erupts sexually.

>Dr. Dre: Ey yo Snoop, look at 'dose chicks. They BRB.
>Snoop Dogg: Yo-izzle Dre-izzle, I-izzle agree-izzle with-izzle your-izzle statement-izzle. I-izzle too-izzle think-izzle they-izzle Bee-R-B-izzle. 
 This-izzle call-izzles for-izzles a-izzle sexual-izzle eruption-izzle in-izzle my-izzle PANTS-izzle!

Note: This acronym is pronounced as Bee-Are-Bee. Bitch.

Other uses of BRB[edit]

  • Big Round Bumb
  • Brown Ring Bumb
  • Big Round Boobie
  • But Realy Babe
  • Buy Ronalds Burgers
  • Butts R Beautifull
  • Bill Rips Butter