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Bad Guy was originally from London, but he refused to be treated as yet another "Bloody Mate"

Bad Guy was born to a couple of inmigrant sailors. Although his father could play the harp very vividly and his mother teached the sitar. Bad Guy was always far far away from "it all". And by "it all", we mean "Where things are cooking".

After a long while of drifting alone, Bad Guy met Sergei Prokofiev in an english pub (Although they were not in England. They were more like.... some sort of Dinamarca place). In there they quickly exchanged notes and soon they were best mates (Although no of them had ever set a foot on a boat). They soon decided they should make people pay for their stupidity. So they created a scam. For more information on this scam, see Sergei Prokofiev.

Bad Guy could play the English Horn pretty well. This was his most accomplished skill next to killing people. He trained at the Consulate, although they don't teach music in there. But he made them teach him, otherwise he would visciously kill them all.