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Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies.

  • We are not wikipedia, but that should already have been plainly obvious.

Fact is discouraged, comedy is paramount.

  • The mission of Uncyclopedia is to provide the world's misinformation in the least redeeming and most searingly sarcastic and humourous way possible.

We are not a dumping ground for propaganda, humourless nonsense, people you don't like, ideologies you want to trash, opinion, or flames.

Tell it to me in 10 words or less

If you haven't figured it out yet, then seriously WTF? (ten words if you consider acronyms as one word)

The following unecesary elaborations of what we are should be unhelpful:

An extended overview of uncyclopedia, though not as long as the following one.

What uncyclopedia is in one page

Beginner's Guide
to Being an Uncyclopedian
On Good Writing

How to be Funny
How to Use the Wiki
How to Format

On Good Behavior

Be Civil
Cyberbullying is Forbidden
Give The Administrators Pie

See also...

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What Uncyclopedia is not