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Bob and George is a sprite comic about two flaming homosexual brothers. They "hate" each other infront of company but they actually make sweet butt secks when they are alone. Sometimes they join in with Megaman and Zero. Other than that they don't really do anything besides pretend to be super heroes.

While they are super heroes in their own time, both of them have an attraction to a girl. One thing lead to another and they both ended up in the Megaman Universe.

The whole thing seems to be controlled by David Anez himself, having a character of himself being put into his comic(The Author) But it is revealed in the last comic of the series that the whole comic's fate was in the hands of Richard Nixon. He used it against the commies.

Bob and George: The Story[edit]

It starts off with a mediocre sprite comic with humor in every comic to becoming one the biggest webcomics known to mankind(and glorkans). Because David didn't "have" a scanner, his hand drawn comic that he was originally going to do was put to flames.

Unfortunatley that didn't last long and he was able to put his horrible drawings into the reader's heads forever.

So, it starts off with Megaman talking. Then megaman gets abducted by Dr. Wily and turns mentally retarded. Then he becomes an evil genious. Then these guys from an alternate demension come in. Then more guys from an alternate demension come it. Then 20 million robot masters come to kill the megaman universe but the super villian saves the day.

Or something like that. The main story line takes place after the 7th megaman game but before the 104th. There are flashbacks to the specific Megaman games(1-6) to tell the readers what the hell is going on. Because David Anez adds a new character every other comic from another demension's time period.

Bob and George: The Characters[edit]

Some main characters in Bob and George include:


He went from being a cute video game character to a retarded menace to an evil menace to a retarded evil menace to a smart shit. Of course this doesn't apply to the non-alternate megaman, only the alternate one. But not the alternate one from the future.


He is the only sane one, even though he can get out of control. He is usually the one kicking ass at all times considering every other character is drunk or out of their universe at the time.

Bob and George[edit]

Being the homosexual incest brothers that they are, they are usually inside each other at all times and therefore shall be grouped together. They are the real main characters in the comic, considering the comic is named after them(Even though they didn't appear until a year later).

George is the goody-two shoes mama's boy who never gets into trouble. But when he does he just goes right ahead and kills everyone with his electric shock. Also he likes ice cream.

Bob is an evil villian who wants to kill everyone and normally does. Unfortunatley for him the number of dumb people in the comic outweigh his smartnesses, so he usually gets foiled every time.

Megaman X and Zero[edit]

Considering everyone already knows they are flaming homosexuals, there is no real introduction for them. They are from the future and come to the past. And the alternate past.

Every Past/future non/alternate character[edit]

This group makes up the majority of the comic's characters(5433 out of 5439 to be exact). David decides to put these "twists" into his comic just to confuse readers, but this just makes them want to read more.

Bob and George: The Origions[edit]

Why do the origions after the story you ask? Why don't you ask why do the birds sing and why the sun shines? No one knows, people just like it!

In the year 1481 B.C a young David Anez was born to the king and queen of Mexico. When the king was assinated by a republican, David was forced to marry his mother and create gruesome incest children for when David died. Luckily, David was going to live a long time with his 1500 year plan.

First David decided to kill anyone in his way. For some reason people loved him for doing that(you know how times were back them) and because of his last name the Aztec Nation was born. Then David spent the next 5 years looking for the Tree of life from that new movie that came out some time last month. Or if you're reading this in the year 52100, the movie came out in November 2006. So David used his extreme tracking skills () to fnd it. The tree actually turned out to be George Bush's fetus.(25 minutes later Jesus found out what the fetus told David and stopped George Bush from being born...until today).

What Bush did tell David was that he needed to create a sprite comic. But not just any sprite comic, the FIRST sprite comic known to man. But he had to put a gimmick on it, he needed to SAY that he was going to make a hand-drawn comic, but then make a sprite comic instead. King David thought the plan was genious and started to work on it right away.

He created the website,, first. Then he started to re-color 5000 megaman sprites.

When it hit Spring 2001, he launched his site.

Bob and George: The Plan[edit]

When Anez's plan commenced, he knew what people were going to be like in the begining. And he was right. Forum members started to flame his comic for not being original(dispite being the first sprite comic ever made), and they called it "poo-poo pee-pee garbage". But as the fanbase began to grow, David used his old Aztec technique: KILL ANYONE IN HIS WAY.

So he started a 4-day revolution against the flamers. David won in a heartbeat.(A very long heartbeat that lasted 4 days) Only 17 fans died during the bloody war, but every flamer died that day(s).

During the years of Bob and George, Anez has gained a fanbase of over half the population of the Earth and Moon. In the following years, David plans to control the minds of every person. Ever.

Bob and George: Aftermath[edit]

During the closing comics of Bob and George, David plans to have just about every human's attention. And with the help of his "fancomic" page, he now has COMPLETE control of thousands. In the year 2985, David would now have lived over 1500 years and have complete control over everyone. He will then hand over the Aztec empire(he only faked the defeat by the Spanish lawnmowers) to his nasty love incest child, Julio, who also lived for that long. Probably because he was a nasty love incest child.

Bob and George: The End[edit]

It is preticted by Aristotle that in the year 4201 the love children of the rebels of the olden Bob and George comics will rise up and create a grand army and start a war. Fans(by this time minions) and the rebels will rage a civil war...with all of Earth. This is said to be World War XVI I/II, right after the War of Banana Blitz. Unfortunatley for the rebels Julio has created a life suit and the Death Star(George Lucas just took credit) and could blow up any planet at will.