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Bosnia [edit]

Origins and Early History

The Confederation Of Communist Kerplactic Peoples Republik Of Bosnia was born out of the Former Yugoslav State that was once known as "Yugoslavia". In 1990, after a heated contest of shirts and skins basketball, some Croats were thinking about calling in an order for a few Pepperoni and Extra Cheese Pizzas, they had plenty of cash to pay for these pizzas and were willing to pay the driver but things got out of hand when Fusilly the Baker made some inferences about the drivers' parents and, in general, insulted his entire existence. Well, the driver then proceeded to chase Fusilly around until he caught up with him and in all the chaos someone had cast aspersions on Vlade Divac's Hook-shot abilities. This was the beginning of a Food Fight that would last well into the next decade. In some further out regions there is still macaroni and cheese flying around. Since 2010 there has been a calming of tempers, but the origins of the COCKPROB can be pinpointed to this exact moment in time. Before that it was all hand-shakes and rainbows.

Food and Drink in the COCKPROB; invention of the MacRib

Many fine delicacies come from the COCKPROB, among them are - Rams Bladder Stew, Ferret Pot Pie, The Chocolate Shit Shake, and one must never forget the culinary delight that is the MacRib patty. The first MacRib meat was composed of Drazen Petrovic's penis meat. Shortly after his heroic death in the Lasagna Incidents, Petrovic was steamed, cleaned and spiced properly for a proper COCKPROB feast. If one visits Bosnia, they will surely find a bounty of Flavored Urines that should dazzle the senses. Among the favorites of locals would be Mango/Spinster Urine, Berry-Lime Urine Cola, A whole host of fruity cordials and cocktails to delight Urine enthusiasts of all intensities. Bosnia is not as well known for its sausage. Someone let an Uncle make the sausage one Sunday morning and it got a little burnt. The resulting Charred Sausage Phenomenon produced a manufacturing boom that essentially financed ethnic cleansing and military juntas for decades to come. So they have that going for them.

Gay Fireman Discos in The COCKPROB

The Village people came to Bosnia on Tour in 1979. Since that time they have been held as "Gimps" in the basement of a shady pawnshop. Their clones have subsequently become Bi-Trillionaires 4 times over. There has never been an explanation as to why the Bosnian People are ravenous for the works of these fine musicians. One theory holds that, in a bygone era, hordes of tradesmen gathered in costumes and would do a dance similar to that ultra-gay YMCA thing. This coincides with their reverence for Gay Fireman Discos