Command and Conquer

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Commonly known as C&C, it is a series of real-time strategy computer games. Although many regard it as 'absolute, utter crap', the games are still popular amongst such figures as George Bush

Command and Conquer

The original is about UN Peacekeeping around the world. The idea is to build an army of Christian missionaries, supply trucks, and soldiers. The latter is required to look tough to the enemy, and also to distract suicide bombers from hitting the relief convoys.

Command and Conquer- Red Alert

The later series involved a recreation of the Cold War- the idea is to amass a huge army, as well as nuclear weapons, in order to prevent the other side from attacking. Minor conflicts can be fought in third-world countries, but direct conflicts can lead to a massive nuclear war, destroying the world and losing the game. (A bonus expansion allows you to play an alien team, headed by Doctor Who and JFK, with the aim to initiate said nuclear war) The loser is the first side to become bankrupt due to the arms buildup, leading to a civilian revolt.

Command and Conquer- Tiberian Sun

This is a third-party game. It has nothing to do with the real series. The developers are currently under house-arrest for breaking copyright laws.

Command and Conquer- Red Alert 2

The sequel to Red Alert, this time it involves the nuclear arms race between the USA, China, North Korea, India and Pakistan. The main difference is that, since Richard Dean is the American President, you must now seek out any hostile acts towards your country aginst Christians, no matter how minor. Once you have declared that someone has made an act of war, you can proceed with the ship and airborne bombardment, and then land the Marines.

Detonating a nuclear bomb in the enemies capital leads to an instant win- bonus points are given if you can blame it on terrorists or the countries own military.

Command and Conquer- Renegade

This game was a first-person shooter version of the original game. You play a peacekeeper soldier, and your aim is to survive for as long as possible. Allowing rebels to destroy supply bases, dying from a rebel attack, and firing your weapon all lead to defeat. Several missions also involve you leading a supply convoy. As in real life, the only way to win is to get out and run away at the first sign of trouble, even if that trouble is a pothole or some goats on the road.

Command and Conquer- Generals

A radically different game from the others, Generals involves the player taking command of a flag-rank commander. They are then put into an arena, and are ordered to fight to the death. A number of special moves are available, including the Iraqi 'Semtex vest', and the American 'Shock and Awe'.

Its main competitor is the WWF series of wrestling games, though Generals has the advantage of having combatants enter the arena in Abrams tanks and Qian fighter jets.