Dark and stormy nights

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It was a... Oh, you get the idea

Dark and stormy nights are commonly regarded as omens of beginnings of bad books, although this is nothing more than an urban myth. The truth? It's nothing more than a beginning to a bad book. You still want to hear? Fine...

It was a dark and stormy night...

Signs of Dark and Stormy[edit]

Dark and stormy nights generally occur on Friday the 13th, although rare sightings have occurred on Friday the 14th, and even less commonly on both Friday the 12th and Octember 32nd.

Signs of dark and stormy nights include:

  • A sudden urge to read very bad literature, or possibly poetry written by an emo kid, in the worst scenario.
  • A sudden urge to write very bad literature, or possibly write an emo poem, in (once again), worst-case scenarios.
  • A sudden urge to walk off to the nearest book store, and purchase any book that's currently on the best seller's rack.

Effects of Dark and Stormy[edit]

  • Damn, I can't think of anything else... be back later.