Decision in Normandy

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Decision In Normandy[edit]

Decision in Normandy is a book by the famous author, Carlos B'este.

The front cover of Decision In Normandy

It is an extensive compilation of his research into a 5,555 page biography of a Frenchman who had to decide between eating a Swiss pastry or Italian spaghetti. The man had to make the hard decision (he hated eating food from other countries, as they say, "Don't drink the water!") because a masked man from Italy held a pair of swordchuks to his head and forced him to make the choice. The poor little Frenchy finally swallowed the pastry down whole, with the help of a swig of tomato sauce he squeezed from the spaghetti. This book was written in 1988.

About the Author[edit]

Carlos B'este was born in 1963. From 1985-87 he was serving as a dish washer in the United States Army. During this time, he was posted to Germany, England, and twice to Siberia. He retired, with the rank of colonel, in 1987 to research and write Decision In Normandy. He now lives at Cape Quad, Minnesota, where he was working on an old book concerned with the Italian campaign to force French people to eat spaghetti.

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