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Denshaw is a small village in the Saddleworth parish of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, in Greater Manchester, England, and is adjacent to Delph. Built up around a junction between two major roads, until recently it consisted mainly of small holding farms and a few timid brothels such as the Golden Fleece pub.[citation needed]


The village is now built centrally around the junction between five major roads. The village consists of a small Post Office, a church, a primary school with two classrooms, a village hall, a football pitch sloped at an angle of 35 degrees, and six public houses. Due to the complex hill formations surrounding the village sunlight is only visible for 4 hours a day[citation needed], some say a contributing factor in the local population's health problems such obesity and severe malnourishment.

Every Whit Friday, 4 popular brass bands compete in, attracting people from many different locations mainly due to the competitive sports held in the village including rock rolling, cow shooting and sheep hurling.[citation needed]

Denshaw lies within the historic boundaries of the West Riding of Yorkshire.

There has not been much tourism in Denshaw since the Ascariasis epidemic in 1998 which left most of the village seriously ill. the effects of this are still being felt today, especially by the residents of Dumfries drive where the epidemic was felt worst.[citation needed]

There are only two bus services that serve Denshaw. One is the 407 service between Denshaw and Oldham via Pennine Meadows and Moorside. The service is run by Swan's Travel and runs a daily hourly service during the daytime. The other service is the 354, run by Speedwellbus and runs from Denshaw to Ashton-under-Lyne via Delph, Uppermill, Mossley and Stalybridge. The service runs every two hours Monday-Saturday daytime. There are no evening services on either service.

A previous service used to run through Denshaw between Oldham and Halifax, West Yorkshire. This was the 562 service, which was operated by First Manchester and First Calderdale & Huddersfield. The 562 ran a daily hourly service throughout the day, with buses running to/from Halifax every hour, Monday-Saturday daytime, and every two hours during evenings and on Sundays. Its Monday-Saturday service to/from Halifax was withdrawn in January 2006 before the service was withdrawn completely and replaced by the 407 in April 2006.

It is a well known local fact that most of the village residents only have four toes on each foot.

Sheep hurdling is a famous and dangerous sport. Denshaw compete in this cornecopia competition trying to get as close to the enlarged field of grace. It is a now a number 1 sport in the Olympics and we should see it taking place in 2012.

A local businesswoman attempted to introduce cow hurdling to the village in April 2004, but these plans collapsed after it emerged most cows were too big, she was fined £80 by the council and exiled from the village to Oldham.

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