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(This article is about the WWF wrestler. You might have been looking for wrestler Big Dick Johnson.)

ā€œI see him mowin... His front lawnā€

~ Weird Al Yankovic on "White & Nerdy" Dreaner
A candid photo of Dreaner in his youth.

Alfred Oscar Ronald Kelly Sandgren better known as Dreaner is a WWF wrestler and actor.. He is the only wrestler that has beated Gregory Helms while re-citing Star Wars in it's entirely.

Early Life

Dreaner is the only child to Mullet Man and he grew up with him in Stockholm, Sweden. It's mainly unknown, but Dreaner is really the son of Weird Al Yankovic who left him in a ditch to die when he was only 3 years old. He quickly moved to USA where he attended George W. Bush's Wrestling School.

Wrestling Carrier

After feuding with countless types of wrestlers, he wanted to go higher and for the World Championship, that was by that time, held by the immortal holder of the belt, John Cena. After John Cena won over him in alot of matches, Dreaner put up the win by reading Hulk Hogan's autobiography until John Cena's head exploded of bullshit.

John Cena locking in his finisher STFU on Dreaner.

The Feud With His Father

Dreaner defended the title succesfully time after time until his real father, Weird Al Yankovic, decided that he was ready for the truth. Al came into the WWF and took Dreaner to Cloud City where he fighted Dreaner. It was finally revealed while Al cutted off Dreaner's wrist that Al was his father. Dreaner became happy for having found his real father but not for very long, he lost his title to Adrian the next day.


Dreaner and Weird Al had a great time together and it's really Dreaner who plays the Nerdy Al in the "White & Nerdy" music video (That is a music biography about Dreaner). He also was the star off "The Incomplete Al", the sad true story behind the great parodist. This gave Dreaner an Oscar for best Male Performance. Dreaner started to feel the celebrity status that he gained and started to get groupies and alot of fans.

Dreaner showing off his car on MTV's Cribs.

The Dark Period

But the celebrity status had a backside, he started to become the only thing that he hated the most: An Emo. He started to cut himself and complaining on forums all over the internets. It all went the emo way until he started drinking and doing drugs. He had only one option: Moving to Lancaster and become an Amish, just like his dad did.


Dreaner became an Amish with a bible in his hand and a beard on his chin. He never wore buttons but he wore a cool hat and all his homies agrees that he really looks good in black, fool. He was the party boy in the village as he usually partied like it was 1699. But he was whiny and vain, so all his homies went medieval on his heinie.

Amish Dreaner with his homies.

Straight Into Compton and N.W.A.

Dreaner couldn't stand the amish people so he reunited with his dad that was now brought to life and they together formed with another bunch of nerds a group called "N.W.A" or "Nerdz With Attitude" to be correct. This also lead to the discovery of Colorado being too like Wyoming and ending in the lawsuit against Colorado.

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