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Not really a dummy, just crazy, though technically craziness is a branch of dumbness. Don't believe me? Just ask a classifier.

“We prefer the term "mentally disabled.”

~ politically correct dummy on himself

“Somebody called me one. Is that a good thing?”

~ captain oblivious on dummy


~ captain obvious on captain oblivious being called a dummy

A Dummy is an immature way to name someone who who has no smartness. They cannot do anything right and often die from angry people who are mad at them for something they messed up or something dumb they did to themselves(i.e.: licking an electric generator.). Dummys are mostly found in these places: dummyland, stupidopolis(fomerly in moronia but the government decided there was a difference between morons and dummys so the dummy population was "ethnically cleansed"), the white house and at this computer reading this article.Some scientists believe dumbness is a disease.

Dumb History

The virus Dumbera Idiotana, most people don't think a virus causes dumbness, but it was discovered by one of those guys who did, so he got naming rights. Lousy legality crap.

Most scientists believe dummys came around after the TV was invented. The scientists who think dumbness is a disease think dumbness was conceived in 1 billion BC because they think that people were really smart back then but a virus called dumbera idiotana broke loose and ravaged the land, but these scientists are considered dummys by many. The 1950s was known as the DDA(dummy discrimination age) where dummys were not allowed to have as many opportunities as smart people but when their numbers grew people agreed to give the dummys full rights. Most everything about dummy history is lost because dummys are not very good at recording history.

People Who Dummys Are a Danger To

  • themselves
  • smart people
  • everyone else

Famous Dummys