Ghetlero McHalin Khan

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In the year 3048, a man called Ghetlero McHalin Khan used a combination of feirce political power and dark magic to bring Hitler, Stalin, Ghandi, Ronald McDonald, Genghis Khan, Nero and Kubla Khan back to life. Using thier organs to forge himself a new body, Frankenstein Style, he quickly rose up the Political Ladder, he took over the entire Northern Hempisphere and the majority of the Southern through a combination of Peaceful Protest and ruthless slaughter.

The Early Years[edit]

As a child,Ghetlero McHalin Khan was known as Jimmy Anderson, the smallest, weakest child at West Chester Primary School.

Jimmy Anderson, seen here plotting world domination

Known widely for being a big baby, many scientests suspect that it is the constant Your Mum and Yo Face jokes, aimed around and at him were the main reason he was slowly driven into a state of crippling and bed-wetting depression. After going all Goth for a few years, between 10 and 12, he fell in with a crowd of other nerds and as such spent many years playing Dungeons and Dragons, Accounting Edition. This only earnt him further abuse when he attended High School, to the point where one day he was actually beaten into a Coma by three unruly jocks and another Nerd (A dispute arising over whether the Level 12 Barbarians rage did 6-8 damage or 6-10) Graduating High School a virgin and with more internal bleeding than one thousand haemophiliac car crash paitents, a 16 year old Jimmy Anderson attended Genuis U., where he gained a Masters in Chemistry, Biology and Creating Freaky Monsters, with a minor in Reanimation of Dead People.

When he was beaten out for Top of Class by one of Stephen Hawkings many clones, Jimmy Anderson finally snapped. Using a fifty foot albino lizard that spat out radioactive corpses, he destroyed the University and crushed the majority of the town it lay in.

As, like many of Anderson's ventures, the lizard was unable to hold its own for more than 45 minutes, it died leaving Anderson suspectable to police capture.

He was trialed for Crimes Against Humanity, and found Guilty. He was only sentenced to 10 years in prison, however, as neither the judge or the jury could stop laughing at his nerdy little face.

Time In Prison[edit]

While Anderson was charge to serve a ten year sentence in a minimum security prison, how ever the beating he recieved were so terrible he was shifted into solitary confinkment where he spent 7 of the 10 years