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Gunslingers were created by the one of the three gods of the universe, Clint Eastwood. (the other two being Bruce Campbell who was busy killing Chuck Norris for the billionth time and Hunter S. Thompson, who was busy tacking endless amounts of drugs, shooting guns and being a complete physco crazy that we would all hope one day to amount to.) He decided to create something that could destroy the very meanings of the words, Ninja and Pirate. So they creat the Gunslinger. A being of infinte gun slinging power, he will shoot anything...ANYTHING, allthough no one could yet take in the very thought of gunslinger without there brain exploding other than Eastwood and Campbell, so Clint Easwood began to train himself in the sweet sweet awesomeness that is Gunslingers. The battle of 2077 was very perplexing. The Ninjas and Pirates both thought to themselves "LOL WEAR WINNIN'!!!!!" But they were both fucking morons, which lead to there perfectly timed doom. When the 57.18261092781th of Pirates marched towards the bloodified up ninjas. Then Clint Eastwood, descending from Jesus's place (they were drinking coffee)began his onslaught of ninjas and pirates, killing both sides (rouding in the millions) with only 12 bullets in his mighty six shooters that were crafted from the sawn off piece of Bruce Campbells mighty boomstick. After the killing, Clint Eastwood created beings who were worthy of the title of gunslinger. They became the complete Bad Asses of the multiverse and to this day, rain down the pain upon the Ninjas and Pirates.

Chuck Norris tried to become a Gunslinger but Clint Eastwood staired at him and he exploded.