Guru Meditation

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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Grue Meditation?
Holy shit, you sure fucked up good. Way to go, Stubby.
No really, stop reading now

You. Yes, you. I know what you just did. You, upon visiting this page, have fucked up Uncyclopedia forever. And ever. You have unleashed the dreaded Guru Meditation upon this respected Wiki establishment. Way to go, buddy. I hope you've locked your doors, because an angry mob is about to come to your house.

What is Guru Meditation?[edit]

Guru Meditation is the biggest form of a Wiki fuck-up you can find. It only happens when you visit a page about Guru Meditation. And guess what. You did visit a page on Guru Meditation. So you have incurred the wrath of the almighty Guru. And now he's going to meditate. Way to go, prick.

How to Stop Guru Meditation[edit]

The first way is to prevent it. That would be by not visiting this page. Oops. Too late for that, bitch!

The other way is to press the left mouse button. However, this will ban you from Uncyclopedia forever. Which one do you want? Uncyclopedia to be safe, or you to continue visiting it? Make up your mind soon, because in about 5 seconds both will happen.

Way to go buddy, You Fucked up Good[edit]

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Guru Meditation.

Too late! You are banned from Uncyclop....