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Hell girls are a more "hellish" kind of school girls. School girls who chose to be hell girls won't be able to graduate school, but alternatively can chose to become a Hell Teacher. There are many rituals that hell girls mustperform in-order to keep themselves clean of any purity and chastity. They also gain eternal youth, and some are priveledged of having special powers and/or eternal virginity.

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What is a Hell Girl?[edit]

A school girl is a Hell girl as long as the following conditions are met(where breast size is denoted as , and years of age as ):

She must also have done all or atleast seven of the Seven Deadly Sins and/or The Seven Not-So-Deadly Sins.

List of Priviledges of being a Hell girl[edit]

  • Eternal youth
  • Immunity from/ability to gain(at own will) Sexually-Transmitted Diseases
  • One unique special power
  • Eternal horniness
  • Bigger breasts
  • Doing both male, female, and neuters
  • Be sexier than you

Hell girl companies[edit]

There are currently 2 companies that train, harbor, and dispatch hell girls:

  • Jigoku Tsuushin
    • Owned by: Satan, but managed by Enma Ai
    • Motto: "We guarantee your ultimate sexual fantasy(only if it is school girls or young girls) at a price of you going to hell with that girl attached to you.. forever."
    • Jigoku Tsuushin is non-profit organization that is willingly give off their hell girls for free in exchange for the client to go to hell.
  • That Company
    • Owned by: Unknown
    • Motto: "Hell girl costs, money pay up!"
    • That Company sells hell girls as if they were merchandise, many people criticize how un-hellish their way of delivering what they want.